Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance I know this topic has been discussed loads of time but was wondering if anyone has managed to buy an annual multi-trip policy including the USA as I am having difficulty finding an insurer that will cover -have tried Marrs but would not cover despite over a year since mastectomy,no spread -routine check ups and take tamoxifen.I also have hypertension without any problems.

I know it is easier to get a single trip policy but usually works out cheaper to get an annual policy if doing more than one trip.

Any suggestions greatly received -I know Freedom will cover for a cost.
Thanks for your help

Bradford and Bingley They gave me annual multi-trip cover, worldwide, including the US and covered me for anything related to breast cancer. Because I was more than 3 months from the end of treatment (chemo/radio), they assessed me as no greater risk than the general population, so no extra cost.
Good luck

fortis covered me for my latest trip to the USA,it was for four weeks. I said I wasn’t having any treatment though. they’ve covered me for breast cancer but not for another condition I’m going to have investigations for when I return this Thursday. (re irregular periods).


Struggling to get Annual travel Insurance Thanks for the other replies -tried Bradford and Bingley but would not cover probably as wanting worldwide policy -I have tried several other company’s including Marrs who would not cover -Fortis would cover for extra £300 premium - Virgin wanted £546
Does anyone know a reasonably priced insurer that may give me world wide policy including the States that is not exorbitant in cost.
By the way I am post mastectomy Jan '06,take Tamoxifen and routine check ups.

Thanks and in the meantime I will keep searching.

insurance we have an annual premium with marks and spencer, worldwide including usa. covers the breast cancer too -providing you are not due any surgery.Cover for self, husband and both children is £147 per annum (though this is a jump from the £123 they charged last year -hope they don’t know anything I dont!).

Insurance Thanks for all your suggestions alas M&S would not cover breast cancer could not give reason maybe because I am less that 2 years down the line - but have found someone who will cover called Columbus Direct it is a little more expensive than Cherryred’s-so if anyone having trouble obtaining world wide travel insurance give them a go!

Happy travelling to everyone!

Squeaky… -don’t quite understand why M&S wont cover -I was less than 2 years when they covered me. I think my husband insisted in speaking to a supervisor as he wanted to understand why insurance companies exclude cancer ( I can understand why they do if your in treatment/surgery/end stage disease etc)-but M&S did capitulate and have covered us since. It might be worth speaking to the organ grinder- my husband intends to get this years premium reduced (so he tells me!)

Single trip policy covering breast cancer and bungee jumping Hi everyone,

Okay this is a single trip policy but my policy covers me for breast cancer related stuff and covers me, husband plus daughter for usual holiday stuff plus bungee jumps (limit of two), surfing, high altitude climbing, diving (above 30m), elephant rides, safaris, etc., all for £166.82 with Columbus Direct.

Hope that this is useful for those wishing for excitement.

Best wishes,