Another blip on the journey


I went on sick leave end of August 2010…started my chemotherapy…am now just about to have my 4th cycle…all going well, mammogram shows lump is shrinking, very positive outlook so far…

Work!!! I got told to go on sick leave as full pay for 6 months…I thought ok,then last week they put me down to half pay(without informing me!!) I went to Tescos and they refused my card…no money as I had got half a wage…I didnt go to the bank at all to check. all my direct debits and rent and council tax, getting my car repaired… tax for the car…and the usual food, gas/electricity bills… left me with £3.28 in my bank account…phoned my payroll and they said my wage is cut off in Decemember…NO MONEY AT ALL FROM MY EMPLOYER!!! I work for the Health Care…no one informed me that this was happening…no phone call no letters…

I had to go to get a Crisis Loan…for to put food on the table for me and my child!!
Am contemplating on returning to work through my treatment…my Consultant told me am able to work…so am going back…

Its not about that you have Cancer…but putting money 1st to survive…
What a huge worry…on top of fighting
My job is very demanding and at times difficult…but I will have to forget I have BC to support myself and my child on this difficult journey…


Hi Poly.
Just wanted to say Im sadly not surprised by your employers actions-and to see that there is the word ‘care’ in your job description- well its even worse.
As you say, the last thing we need in these dificult times is to have money worries, its one more hurdle for you.
Not a lot else to say apart from have you put your feelings into words and written to your employer to express your disgust. Probably wont do much for you, but I think they should be ashamed of the way they went about the change to your wages.
Hope everything else is going well.
Take care

Thanks Cathie…I am in Unison…so they are of great support to me at this time…

I just cant beleive it…I got told one story then another…am not going to let this be swept under the carpet…

Surely there are some benefits you can claim to at least top up your half wages?
My wages are due to be reduced to half soon, and I was counting on this being the case, although haven’t followed up with any research yet.
Surely there muct be a better solution that returning to work too soon. Have you tried phoning Macmillan?
Good luck wtth it.

poly thats so wrong you def should be on more than 1 month FP 1 month HP.

you get 6 months of each after you worked for the NHS for 5 years even if you change jobs or health boards… thats sooooo rubbish for you.

similar thing happened to me 4 years ago but they managed to sort it out and put me onto weekly wages so i got what they were due my the following week… id been on sick leave and then gone back to work but they still had me as being on sick leave so got paid nothing!


I had a very similar situation to you this week although i was given 4 days notice! I was told yesterday that i was being put on half pay on tues, ironically the same day that im having surgery!!!
I contacted Unison straight away and my rep was fantastic. I explained that i was hoping to be back to work in approx 6 weeks and instead of going through the normal channels i faxed her my letter of appeal and she took it straight to the Chief yesterday and they have agreed an extension!
I think its absolutely disgusting that on top of everything else we have to deal with, we then have to fight to keep us and our families’ heads above water financially!!
I really really hope you get this sorted asap. Make as much noise and stamp your feet as loud as possible to make yourself heard!!

good luck hun


Ladies just copied this post to this thread Despite many attempts to persuade HR to get onto my previous employers and many calls to check and many assurances that they would ring me back I found I was on 1/2 pay without any warning when I should not have been as my previous and continuous service had not been checked out. I am now drafting a letter to the head of HR as feel I do not want to go down the union route of a grievance.Seems this is oh too common in the workplace
Hi Ladies Just an update. Am so so cheesed off. Just as I was starting to feel a bit better and could feel some energy seeping back.All my attempts at trying to establish whether my continuous NHS service has been ascertained ( currently have worked for just under 5 yrs in current area so counts as 4 yrs, but had continuous service in previous area from 1986 and no gap between the 2 areas) have met with none of the promised return phone calls. Then last week found I had been put on to 1/2 pay.Still cannot get HR to respond.Unfortunately I had more surgery the week rads ended and have been on a-bs since June as got an abscess separate from BC but poss chemo induced and may need further surgery.Had thought I might be back at work by now but not so. Have been off sick since late June worked through chemo and had A/L for WLE and ANC. Have now been advised to take out a grievance against HR by my union but I really find this is undermining my health and that I should not need to go to these lengths.Do any of you wise ladies have any comments/ advise? Jackie