Another lump in other breast 6 months after surgery

Hi everyone. just want to rant can’t belive that after just finishing treatment for cancer in my right breast, I have jst found another hard lump in my left one.  Its very small though just the size of a pin head but have called the nurses and have been booked in for a Mamogram on the 25th.  I just don’t feel I can go through all this again, the surgery and the radiotherapy (which i only finished 6 weeks ago).  Because it is so small I am hoping it is nothing, but cant stop feeling it and am getting anxious all over again.

Hello MagicMaria, 

I am not in the same position as you but just wanted to acknowledge your post and wish you all the best with your forthcoming appointment. It’s a nightmare isn’t it?  It is like there is no reprieve at times. 


I only finished herceptin treatment on the 26th April and yet here I am playing the waiting game again to find out the results of a recent bone scan.  Hence,  I can identify a little bit with you.  So you just rant away if you need too as better out than in, in my opinion and it may help to reduce the anxiety. 


Stay strong Maria. You are getting it checked early,  and even if it does not feel like it,  that’s a good place to be. Fingers crossed for you x ?