Another lump, very scared


I have not posted here before, but I really need some moral support, my legs are like jelly and I am just so scared. I was diagnosed with g3 3.5cm triple neg bc in July 2007. I have had all the usual chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy. I had a tram flap in May this year and I am just getting my life back together again, only to find another lump high up in the same breast. I have prodded and poked it for a week thinking it could be just my rib or some scar tissue, but it really feels like the first lump very high up in my breast well away from the recon. I have arranged to see the plastic surgeon tonight, but I don’t think he is going to be able to tell me what it is. The thought of more chemp or surgery is dreadful. I am just fed up of all the up and downs. I don’t want to worry my family, they have been through enough.
Anyone had a similair experience? Any supportive comments will be really helpful. Thanks Lois

I am so sorry that you are in panic mode and I can understand that. I was DCIS + SN removal and now on Tamoxifen.

Please do not get scared if you dont need to - make urgent appointment with your doctor and get a referral if necessary. FEAR is sometimes False Evidence Appearing Real so unless you get the evidence then what is to fear. You have fought before so fight again.

I wish you well and hope that you get it sorted very quickly and avoid waiting for results too long.

Good luck and other supporters will come along to give you some really good advice.

All the best D

I know exactly how you feel as I too have found another lump.Well actually it was found on an MRI scan today.I have to wait till Tuesday for my biopsy results.Just as I was getting my life together.
Its an awful thought to go through it again,although I was “lucky” last time and needed no Chemo(might have been better if I had)
Good luck,keep us informed,
Take care,