Another lymphedema-related question!

I’m trying to work out what would be the best way of carrying things around, post a double mastectomy, to minimise the risk of lymphedema.


Obviously a shopping trolley could be useful … I’m also intending to get a good daypack with a hipbelt - although a doctor pointed out that I would still need to be careful vis-a-vis the restriction of blood supply round the shoulder straps …


But what about handbag-style carrying? Rucksack style, cross-body … or just a regular one but lighter weight than the ones I have already?


Sorry for raising such seemingly trivial points, but if anyone who’s trod this way before could share their experience, I’d be really grateful! :smileyhappy:

I found it slightly awkward to wriggle my arms into a rucksack style bag soon after bilateral mastectomy, so preferred a cross body bag. If you are also carrying drain bags initially, make sure you have a bag to carry them in too! My hospital provided these, and I also ordered a “drain dolly” that fitted two drains in the same bag.

good luck!

I have a question about the seroma draining. I had SLNB on the 24th, went back to the hospital on 4th October because the swelling had become too painful, couldn’t do my excercises or put my arm down, sleep was affected near impossible. The dr drained it but advised me that there was a high chance of this reoccurring. Low and behold two days later I can feel my under arm starting to swell. How long does this go on for? And has anyone else experienced this happening and is there anything anyone can suggest to prevent this from happening? Will this prevent radiotherapy (praying for clear nodes) from taking place if it continues? Suggestions please, getting worried.