Another new girl

I have been reading all the lovely offers of support and kindness shown by every one and wondered if I could join in. I have recently been diagnosed in late Nov '08. The biopsies originally said it was all DCIS, but after having a mastectomy and lymph node removal on 5 Jan I got the results on Fri and there is some cancer changes in the lump. I don’t know the grade or anything yet, I am waiting for an appt with the oncologist to see when start chemo and what regime.

I am gutted really. Good news is the lymph nodes were clear.

A bit about myself I am from the Midlands, am married to Adrian for 9 years have two children 8 and 5 and I am 39.

I still have a drain in from the mastectomy - 13 days now its driving me mad and I think a bit weird to still be draining this long.

lots of good luck to everyone with their results and treatment

Hi Lisa

Of course you can join in! Welcome. Of course it’s not exacty the club everyone’s desperate to sign up for… but, pull a chair up, the fire’s in, here’s a brandy.

Good news is the lymph nodes were clear. Say bah humbug to the drain. It is finite, it’s days are numbered! :smiley: Keep checking with your bc nurse, but it’s not unusual still to be draining from what I’ve learned.

I had a lumpectomy and nodes on 24 Dec and am doing chemo from week after next. You will get no end of support from this site. I’m 45 (boy that is starting to sound old!), no kids, but two dogs I adore, feel like a piano dropped on my head.

hello Lisa,

Welcome to these forums, sorry you have had to join the many women with this diagnosis, but you will find great support on here and will make lovely new friends who will stand by you through your treatment. You can come on here night or day and someone will reply to you. it’s a real Godsend!

I expect your drain will be removed very shortly, because your skin may be starting to heal around the tube. Speak to your bc nurse again about it, if it feels itchy or sore.They like the amount of fluid to be down to 30 mls, I think, before taking the drain out. It’s funny when it’s been removed, you miss the drainage bag for a day or two, having been so used to having it dangling around! Hope your wound is healing well. Persevere with the excercises, they are really important. I had my mastectomy if March last year, and my shoulder soon starts to feel stiff after a few days of forgetting to do them.

It’s great news that there was no lymph node involvment, that means it was caught very early. It’s a very unpredictable thing, this bc, there are no guarantees, but hopefully you will be fine after this.
Do ring the bcc helpline to talk with someone who knows how you are feeling, they are wonderful, so sympathetic.
The chemotherapy, if you have it, makes you feel very emotional and tired some weeks, and can make your brain feel a bit like cotton wool some days. But we get through it, and I found it helpful to think of the chemo as medicine which just happens to have unavoidable side effects. The Drs may decide you just need radiotherapy, however, which is much easier, but still rather tiring. Give yourself plenty of pampering and as much rest as you can. A nap during the day helps!

best wishes to you, remember you are not alone with this. Ask about everything!
God bless,
A. X (((hug)))

Hi Lisa. Sorry you had to meet all these lovely people this way, but hey ho … every cloud and all that! Your drain’s doing ok, mine was still pumping 100 mls daily - even after 20 days! When they eventually took it out I was worried it would all build up and I would go off bang, but the body decided to give in and swallow it up, so don’t worry, you’ll be just fine! x Jacq x

Thanks for replying I cant believe there are other people out there who feel the same as me. Talking of alcohol (brandy) I’m just having a little tipple while I write now I am off the antibiotics. The plastic surgeon who did the mastectomy and will do my reconstruction has said I will have chemo for sure but she had no details about it. Gotta go bak Tuesday to review the drain situation.

Carole I hope you are recovering ok as your surgery was so recent.

Best wishes to you both and thanks for getting bak to me I’m proper chuffed xx

Hi Lisa,
Sorry you have had to join us but welcome, you will recieve alot of support on here.

Karen x

Thanks Lisa

Recovery is about as perfect as it can get. Concentrate on you. AnnaG has a great notion about chemo. It’s the good guy, just has some bad guys hanging alongside trying to mess you up. Say, Hah! and don’t give them any brandy! By that I mean, don’t share - the bad guys don’t deserve it.

Hi Lisa
Hang in there kiddo…you can do it. Everyone here is sooo helpful, I just joined this club?? on Friday & can’t believe the fantastic women who have offered me their love/support caring…they are absolutely amazing.
take care, we care
love Susan xx

hi Lisa and welcome…keep the pecker up girl…mary x