Another New Member - unfortunately!

Hi everyone, I just found this forum and I hope to connect with people in a similar situation and share information

My story: I was diagnosed in May 2023 with breast cancer (ER and PR pos ; HER 2 neg). At first I was told this is a friendly cancer (yup they did say that), grade 1 non agreassive, that we have time… turns out my cancer is locally advanced in the lymph nodes. I went through chemotherapy (EC and Taxol) and 20 sessions of radiotherapy. I now take since Feb letrozole and lucrin and since March I also take Verzenios. It’s been a roller coaster, it still is… I’m thankful for the scientist and doctors who bring the drugs to me and help saving my live and at the same time I wish I had a better quality of life and wish I could throw away all these drugs.

Thank you for reading me and best of luck to everyone struggling with cancer.
Cheers - Marie


Hi there Marie

I’m relating to your ‘friendly’ cancer. They said that they thought my secondary in the hip was ‘indolent’. Slow growing and that it may never move. When I had my recent scan they said they didn’t expect it to show anything. So I really started believing I had some kind of ‘Sloth’ cancer that would stay snoozing in my hip and not cause me too much trouble. But it seems I don’t have sloth or unicorn cancer. No. I have common garden - shit cancer that is curious and has started poking around into new places.

So looks like we landed here the same day. And sorry you are having all the ‘arsenal’ thrown at you. l’ll never forget chemo (think it gave me some form of PTSD) and fairly certain they’ll give me that evil stuff again at some point. But for now - I’m on fairly okay drugs: (letrozale & riblocyclin) oh and denosumab. So up to the hospital a lot but glad to be on a light drugs regime - so that I can continue my ‘living it large with secondary cancer’ life :_) .
yes thought I’d say hi

Hi Lee, Thank you for your kind words and I’m sorry you’re going through something similar. We’re not doctors and we have to somehow trust them but I also think that we know our body and we know when something is wrong. I want to be more active (instead of passively agreeing on the treatments) and make sure I challenge them. They don’t know everything… Good luck with your treatments and hoping for the best.

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Hi @marie911

Welcome to the forum and yes this is the perfect place to rant, share and support.

I was diagnosed with bi lateral (both) invasive tumours grade 1 and grade 2 both ER+ right boob HER2+. Had lumpectomy, chemo with Herceptin ( had 11 out of 18), radiotherapy, Zoledronic acid and Letrozole.

I’m still having side effects with Herceptin 3 weekly and Letrozole. Had to say what causes what. At least it is better than chemo. I have until September until Herceptin finishes then I can know if it’s the Letrozole.

I would like a better quality of life as well but I will manage with the side effects to get the best outcome. I’m 55 and want to have a long life.

Keep sharing with the forum.

If you need to talk to someone the BCN can be contacted here

  • Helpline: 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). Speak to our trained helpline team. No questions are too big or too small.
  • Ask Our Nurses: You can message our nurses here on the forum, or confidentially. Whatever you prefer.

Take care :unamused:

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Still trying to get my head around the " friendly cancer " thing … such a shame they said that as unfortunately that sort of thing stays with you.

Hang in there , you have been through such a lot in such a short time - you must be exhausted . Hopefully you will start to feel a little better soon.

With love. Xxx


I hear you, I have found the fatigue really debilitating and although I am improving, I am certainly not the woman I was pre cancer. Its very frustrating. I was extremely active previously. Strangely (thankfully) someone on here suggested I take my meds at night rather than first thing in the morning, and that really seems to have helped.

However I am alive, and warm and upright and am thankful for that and loo forward to gaining strength and sleeping less.