Another Newbie saying Hello :)

Hello Ladies

Have been lurking for a little while and have got a lot of help and hope from your posts so just wanted to say hello and introduce me!

Brief history: unofficial diagnosis 8th Aug, official on the 17th Aug, WLE and ANC 25th Aug, post op appt 6th Sept (2.5 cm tumour, clear margins and only 1 out of 16 nodes affected. Yay!) Bothersome seroma. Now waiting for my Oncology appt. Am finding that ‘putting on a brave face’ for everyone is exhausting! Find I need a Nana nap most days, lol.

I’m 47, grown family, no partner. Live with youngest daughter and Princess Leia the hamster! I’m in Plymouth and being treated at Derriford Hospital. Also have Crohns Disease and associated joint issues, but I’m far to busy to worry about them now! They’re just going to have to behave themselves :slight_smile:

Sharon x

Hello and welcome - I lurked for ages before joinging in! Sorry you have to join us but it’s a great place to be. I was dx 23 informal/30 formal Aug last year and finished the whole range of active treatment in May - just wiating for PS appointment to tidy up appearances (nipple recon and symmetery surgrey) then hopefully that’s it.

You’ll find great support on here, have a laugh (some of us are very mad in a good way) and learn a lot of useful stuff.

Take care - I was 47 at dx too, totally different story but there’re a lot of us in our forties on here.

Hi welcome, yes I was 47 too, April 2010,35mm and most of my nodes affected,I too was a lurker, finished my treatment in jan 2011,starting to feel back to me again xx

Hi Sharon

Sorry youve had to join us but welcome.

I was dx 16th august and had WLE & SNB 1st sept. So we are at a similar place on this journey. My oncology appt is this afternoon so should know more about the next step.

Hope you get your oncology appt soon, ive heard on here several times that once treatment plan in place it gets easier to deal with.

Best Wishes
Clare x

Thank you for the welcome Ladies :slight_smile: I’ve been following your posts and it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you.

I will be glad to get my appt through. The waiting isn’t easy and I’ll admit the prospect of chemo does terrify me but if I have to then so be it. Clare, I hope your appt goes as well as it can.

I’m off into town with YD. I have a fancy to colour my hair somewhat brighter than I normally would :D, so off to Boots to peruse the shelves and also fancy baking a camembert! Never done it and always thought how scrumptious it looks. Sod the calories, I need my strength :slight_smile: x

Hi Dotflot,

Just wanted to say ‘welcome’

I had my chemo/rads etc at Derriford last year, unfortunately im in the secondaries group now and go to Torbay for treatment,but thought id let you know i found the nurses etc really great at Derriford :slight_smile:
Hope you hear soon about onc appointment…the waiting is the worse bit!! any questions just ask

Take care

Tracey xx

Hi Sharon,

Glad you decided to introduce yourself. There is such a wealth of information here from everyone and it is good to share your feelings with people going through exactly the same procedures. I am 53 and was diagnosed officially on 5th August. I had WLE & SNB on 30th August. Saw my consultant on Tuesday and although I have clear margins and the lump was grade 1, out of the 2 nodes that were removed, one had microscopic cancer cells. I am now due to have a partial axillary clearance on 7th October and depending on what is found, probably chemo and rads. I know what you mean about Nana naps (mind you I am one) I think it is emotional fatigue that gets you.

Big hugs x

Hi Sharon, I’m 46 and had WLE and SNB on 16th Aug, on my way to see oncologist next Tues to get my plan for radiotherapy. I’m loving the fact that you call them Nana naps, I thought it was just something I said as a kid, nice to know somebody else said it too!!!

Got to be honest, was a bit weary myself of coming on here and actually typing instead of reading/lurking, but the ladies on here have brought me through some crappy days, the support given is phenominal. Oh, and you may not know this but calorie counting on certain weekends (you decide which!) is illegal!!

Sad but glad you’re here xxx Simone

Hi Sharon,
Lovely to meet you, but sorry you have to he here too.

I’m 45, diagnosed invasive ductal 11th August2 stage 1 grade, WLE and SLN 31st August. Nodes clear. Oncologist Tues 20th Sept then radiotherapy.

Live with hubby and my 4 year old son. Other children range from 20 to 27 but not at home!

I hope things go well with your ONC, I’m just keen to get a few worries checked out and on to the next step. Keep in touch, the community here is fab. x

Hi Sharon

Again welcome, even though it is sad that you are here you will get lots of useful information and support here from some amazing people.

I’m 61 recently diagnosed with invasive ductal and due to have WLE and ANC on 30th Sept.

Keep in touch


Hi Sharon
Like you I lurked before signing up but found the comments useful. Sorry you have to be here but you will find a lot of support. I had a lumpectomy back in May for grade 2 invasive ductile cancer,no lymph nodes involved. Finished radiotherapy just over 4 weeks ago.
Hope you get your oncology appt soon. It is indeed much easier when you know your plan.
Take care
KatyD x

Again Ladies, thank you so much for the welcome! I’m so glad you’re all here to talk to :slight_smile:

Tracey, sorry to hear you have secondaries. Wish you all good things. They are lovely at Derriford aren’t they? If a little warped! My op was an overnight stay and the nurse who came in to remove my drain in the morning made a big thing about me “taking a deep breath as it was going to sting and there would be quite a bit of pulling” then proceeded to roar with laughter because she’d done it 5 mins ago! Wicked woman :slight_smile:

Sunshine 1, hope your op goes well. I’m sure it will. I am also a Nan :slight_smile: so the naps are appropriate! Well, that’s what I keep telling myself anyway…

Simone, I’m very pleased to hear that calorie counting on certain weekends (namely, this one) is illegal. I feel so much better about the bag of Haribo I’ve just eaten…as well as the camembert last night :slight_smile:

Crabbit, mine is/was grade 2 invasive ductal. Did you get your treatment plan before you saw the Oncologist? It seems to vary from region to region…

Jean, all the best with your op :slight_smile: I read on another post you were asking about the exercises? They really do help :slight_smile:

KatyD, It is wonderful on here! I’ve hardly had to bother my BCN at all :slight_smile: Good to hear your rads are done with…

Hugz to everyone xxx

Wicked woman indeed!! That made me chuckle ((hug)) x

Wicked woman indeed! I’d have wanted to throttle her,lol. I can still remember the drain being pulled out, not the most pleasant of experiences.
Anyway, welcome Sharon, i have IDC, had 2 ops, one WLE & axillary sampling then another to get clear margins & full node clearance though they only found 2 microscopic cells in the nodes .But because of the node involvement i have to have chemo which i started on friday, so far so good though. No really unpleasant SE’s yet though i keep waiting for some,lol. Just tiredness & very slight queasiness but nothing too bad so far.
Good luck with ur appt with the onc, u should get a proper treatment plan then, take care x

Hi hjv123 :slight_smile: She did make me laugh! During the night she’d me that if she used my poorly arm for blood pressure’s, my boob would explode, ha ha ha!

Good luck with the chemo and may all your SE’s be little ones! How often will you be having it? My surgeon seemed to think chemo was likely but that it would be oncology’s call…and so I wait :frowning: Posties just been and nothing today…

So, on with the day…right after a 2nd cuppa:) You have a good one!

Hugz x