Another Newbie saying 'Hi' and looking for advice

I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone!
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on 24th July (last month). In all honestly I am still in shock about the whole thing, I turned 30 in June this year and have no history in my family… my daughter is 18 months old.
I live in Milton Keynes and have found the Breast Care Center amazing, everything has been like a little whirlwind… I had my mastectomy last Tuesday and just had my drain removed today. Once recovered, I will be starting chemo and then radio.
I am very anxcious about the side effects of chemo and hoping to get some advice on the side effects… especially the big one of hair loss and wigs.
I am also interested in joining a group in Milton Keynes, so if anyone knows of any good ones, please let me know.
I am not too familar with all the lingo yet, but I am sure it wont be long until I understand and use all of the acronyms

Thank You! Emma

Hi Emma

I am due for my mx and sentinel node biopsy this Friday and am feeling a little anxious, then the wait to find out the next steps will be.
You are not that far from me as i am in Northants.
Finding this site has really helped me not feel alone. Hope things are continuing ok for you

Sally xx

Thanks Sally. I was a little anxious about my mx too. But since I’ve had it, ive had a huge sense of relief, I feel like the little bit of evil growing inside me has been taken away and now I can look forward and concentrate on stopping it from coming back through chemo.
Please feel free to ask me any questions on the mx. i have a friend who had bc and i asked her so many questions about the surgery, i found it helped me so much, she has been a rock to me.
Im not sure what kind if chemo I will be having yet… But I know some of it is administered in northants!
Good luck for Friday!


Hi Emma

Have you looked at the “In Your Area” part of the forum to see if there’s anyone else in your area?

There’ll also be a group for the month you start chemo…will that be September or October?

Maggie xx

Hello Emma and Sally
I get my surgery next Tuesday, going to find out which surgery when I get my mri results tomorrow. I am 33, I also have no family history. I have a son 18month and a daughter just turned 4, starting school in sept.
Pleased you’re surgery went ok, hate this cancer but I suppose we have to plod on. I’ll more than likely be starting chemo in sept so we’ll have to keep in touch.
Sarah x

Hi everyone

First of all, let me just say that I am so sorry that you have to be on here. Secondly, I’m not sure if you are aware, but there is a thread for younger women (link below)
Emma, perhaps before you start chemo, you could look into the possibility of using the cold cap. Here is a link on the Macmillan site giving information all about it.
and here is another Macmillan link explaining the side effects of chemo:
Please don’t worry too much about chemo, there are threads for every month and will be one eventually for September starters. They are very supportive, I know, because I’m a February Valentine. Perhaps you could read a few posts from the July and August threads to give you an idea of how others cope.
Wishing you all well for whatever stage of treatment you have reached, and for future treatment.
Poemsgalore xx

Hi emma and sally,
I have had 2 lumpectomies and a following op for a haematoma and expect to be starting chemo sometime in September. I am a member of the August group as after second op I expected to be starting chemo sooner but looks like I will now have duel membership to the August group and a September one.
I am local to you both, I live in Northants too. Emma the hospital in Npton covers MK definitely for radiotherapy but I don’t know about chemo. I will have chemo at Kettering and RADs at Npton.
If you are not to far from Wboro Sally there is a local charity called Crazy Hats that supports ladies with Bc and raises money that goes to breast cancer treatment at Kettering, Northants and Leicester. On Thursday mornings form September they have a drop in morning where you can meet others, have coffee and biscuits and complementary therapies. I was going befor etehy broke for the summer, they area lovely group.
Good luck ladies xxx

Meant to say I have also organised a vintage strawberry tea at Wellingborough Cricket Club on Tuesday 27th August from 1pm -4pm. All welcome. It is one of this sites fundraising activities. We have loads of cakes being donated also raffle prizes. This is the facebook link you will find more details on here.
Sam xx

Thanks ladies for all your comments, I’m impressed with how many of you have responded.

Maggie, I will definitely look at the local section, thank you.

Sarah, I would love to stay in touch. I really struggle to get my head around why this is happening to me so young and when my little girl is so young too… And then she will do something so funny and wonderful that it helps me be strong and get through this. Good luck with your results tomorrow. I only had my mx and lymph gland surgery a week ago and I am feeling quite good… And playing with my daughter (although I can’t put her up yet).

Poemsgalore, thank you for the links, they are extremely helpful! I will definitely be joining a group for my chemo… I think I will be in the October one, as a am hopefully having my eggs harvested… Another little hurled to pass!

Sam, I’m even tempted by everything going on in northants, hopefully Ithere will be the same in mk.

thanks again ladies, it’s nice to know there is support out there xxx

Hi Emma (and all),

As well as all the amazing support you will get here there is a wonderful facebook group called the younger breast cancer network UK. It is by invitation but if you facebook search and sned a message to EDNA Manchester or Victoria Yates, with your details, age and diag etc, they will add you on. It’s been a huge source of support along side this site. goood luck and stay in touch.

Well Emma, I like a trip to MK quite often too. x

Hi Emma, Sam and all

Yes i am local to Wellingborough and will be having my MX at KGH tomorrow so i will give them a call once i am back.
Please lets keep in touch as we are all in touching distance of each other.

Thanks Poemsgalore for your words, it is always noce to hear from people father on their journey xx
Hugs ladies

Sally, I am in Wboro too. I hope your Mx went ok. My mum had that in May and she has finsihed her RADs now is on Antrazol. Will pm you maybe we could do coffee.


so not understangingb the new forum?  please advise me x