Another one feeling good and twelve months down the line

Hi Everyone,

I have just read the post on being twelve months down the line by Biilybob and thought i would join in.

I am also twelve months down the line this time last year i was just about to start my chemo and i know how scary that is. Thought i would like to share some support for all the ladies going through this at the moment.

You will all get through it just try and be as positive as you can, it really does help, its not always easy but i found it definately helped if you have the right attitude.

I am feeling great and looking forward to my skiing holiday in March with family and friends.

Just hang in there girls and before you know it you will be 12months down the line and you will be looking forward to a lot brighter future.

Take Care and Good Luck to you all
JanW xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad to hear you are feeling so well Jan. I was dx nearly twelve months ago (Feb 07) and i am going skiing in the Feb half term with my husband & three children. We are all really looking forward to it after the year we have had, and with no proper holiday last summer. We are having a year of treats, we have already booked a weekend in Paris in March, and are still trying to decide where to go in the summer. As my oldest is 18 it may be the last family holiday with all of us, so we need something big! If you can’t treat yourself after BC, when can you?

Congratulations to you both and to the many others like us. I hope you both have a fantastic time ski-ing, enjoy and take care

Claire xx

Hi Everyone,

I too am over twelve months down the line, diagnosed in July 06, had lumpectomy then wle followed by bilateral mastectomy (found that really hard to deal with), luckily didn’t need chemo or rads, on tamoxifen and zoladex injections now, had to wait a long nine months for reconstruction, had bilateral ld flaps.

Had a bit of a scare last week when I found a lump very close to the right reconstructed breast, had biopsy and it turned out to be nothing.

My partner and I have been together for 10 years and are now looking at getting married next year possibly in the Dominican Republic so I’m really looking forward to organising that with our children.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, you must try and stay positive it really does help.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies

Take care


Hi all
This time last year I had finished my chemo and was just starting radiotherapy. i had to travel to Edinburgh on a Monday, stay away from home all week and return home on a Friday. The longest 6 weeks of my life. (Funny but everything else seemed to happen so fast).

Its tough going but when you know that it is only to help it does get you through it.

I’m fine now and although I am on Tamoxifen and Zolodex I am getting back to “normal” though it did take me a little while to get my head round the fact that things wont be exactly the same again. I know that I have changed my attitude to life and certain things have changed for me but I am seeing those changes as for the better.

I am trying to get my fitness back up and shift the weight that I put on through it all but I set myself little challenges, like trying a new food or visit a new shop or something every week.

The road is tough and there are a few mountains along the way, but the finish line is well worth the journey.

A prosperous and positive 2008 to you all