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There is a new cancer drugs petition on the Downing St website (apologies if someone has already posted about this and I’ve missed it).


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it says kidney cancer!!

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I think that if you follow the ‘more details’ link it becomes more general?



done it, and made all my family do it too!
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Yes, whilst the petition was submitted by someone from the Kidney Cancer Support Network, it’s actually regarding cancer and treatments in general x

This is a good petition and certainly relates to ANY type of cancer. I’ve signed and will pass it on to family and friends. Thanks for bringing this one to our attention.

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Hi all

Huge huge thanks to all who have signed the petition.

We (breast cancer and kidney cancer patients) set up the petition only last week.

I am a Breast Cancer patient diagnosed in 2005 and a recurrence in 2008.

We are hugely frustrated with the current system of accessing new cancer treatments. It seems we are no further forward from the Herceptin campaigns 5 years ago.

Cancer patients are continually denied access to new treatments.

You have probably also heard that PCT’s are now fighting back. To the extent they have formed a group in the last few months, and all 152 PCT’s have pledged £2000 per year (yes over £300,000 of NHS tax payers money), to form a group who essentially will have input to the NICE process with regard to the financial impact of PCT’s funding all these ‘very expensive’ cancer drugs!!!

(The lead PCT for this group is Birmingham East and North. The Chief Exec is Sophia Christie who in 2007 famously said “"Frankly, Herceptin is just about the worst thing I could choose to spend that money on.”)

So we will face an even harder battle to get the newer cancer treatments available.

This is even more pertinent given the report out yesterday regarding the UK’s death rate from cancer being higher than our European counterparts, and that part of the problem is the ‘slow uptake’ of new cancer treatments here.

We feel the only way we will ever try to make a difference is to unite all the cancer groups, as it really does not matter what the cancer is. It is for this reason we have set up the petition.

It is so desperately, desperately important that we all work together, only this way can we be effective.

If you haven’t already done so, please can you sign the petition:

Then please pass on the link to all your contacts, family, friends, forums, groups, facebook, twitter…etc.

By working together we can show the full depth of support for this whole issue.

Many thanks