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I posted about the pea size lump i have - just waiting for my appointment to be looked at. What is thickening??? - To the right of my lump i have an area about 1.5-2" long which i wonder if it is thickening? Sorry if i sound stupid. Its not present in my other breast?

Hi Lucy, I’m not 100% sure about thickening, I’d suggest you call the helpline, they’ll be able to tell you.
Thinking of you, it’s horrible waiting.
Big hugs

Just bumping up for you in case someone else can help. But Bubbletrouble’s suggestion of calling the helpline is right.

Waiting is just the worst - but you can’t self diagnose! In fact the doctors can’t diagnose until you’ve had scans or samples taken!! Most signs to look out for that can indicate cancer are also signs of non-cancerous conditions too! So I’m afraid it’s just a waiting game at this point. Not that I can talk! I googled lots and found just as many benign reasons for my symptoms as I did cancerous! So it didn’t shed any light at all…

Fingers crossed for a short wait. x

Thankyou both. I know i need to wait and should know as i went through all this last year and my lump was finally diagnosed as a fibroadenoma after bipsies and a lumpectomy so fingers this time will be the same! hoping i will get my appointment soon.

thickening is just an area of breast tissue which feels thicker… it may not feel like a definite lump but more of a lumpy area… if that makes sense.

hope your appt is soon.

Lulu xx

Thanks LuLu. I’ve been feeling my lump and feeling happier it might be a cyst as not as hard as my fibroadenoma and from what i’ve read hard is bad and lumps with a bit of give are cysts so fingers crossed! Lx

Years ago I had a benign lump removed and the GP I saw then told me it was benign before I got to the hospital. I think he said that it moved around which was a good sign. Hopefully you will be ok.

I have recieved my appointment now for Monday 4th july - seems a long way off! One minute I convince myself its nothing and the next i get really worried. No point i know as won’t know till they take a look on the 4th.

It is very worrying waiting to hear if it is or it is not cancer but the best advice given to me was from my sister-in-law who had a mastectomy 15 years ago was to take each step at a time and try not to look ahead and be worried about the next step before it happens. Easier said than done but if you can do it, it is good advice. I tried it and it worked for me. I tried to keep cheerful and carried on as usual. There is always the hope that everything will be fine no matter what stage you are at.

Hi Lucy

the waiting is the worse, I hope you get seen soon do keep us posted
lots of love
Mekala x

Thankyou for your advice - its really appreciated. Luckily i have a really busy week at work and then am taking my 2 yr old son to Peppa Pig World on friday so hopefully the time will go quickly and i won’t think too much! Take care Lucy xxx

Hi Lucyc enjoy your time at Peppa pig with your 2 year old. Hope Monday goes ok. K x

good luck with your appointment Lucy xx

hope you dont have too bad a night. its hot enough to keep anyone awake.

all the best for tomorrow

Hi Lucy Hope all goes well for you on Monday. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Lucy just wanted to say good luck for Monday, hope everything goes well. Kx