Another worried Newbie.

Hey everyone. This is a fantastic site. I’m so glad i found you :).
Anyway i had a mammogram and Biopsy on my breast lump last week and will get the results on Monday the 8th. I just cant seem to get it out of my head. Always thinking what if . . . I had two benign lumps removed in my 20’s. Now i’m 40 and being older is making me more worried about the results. I’m glad i found this site. I don’t feel so alone now and it’s nice to meet you all :).

Hi Loopy

I’m glad you found us too. Not happy that you are in the position to need to be here though, but it is the best place to be when you have concerns about your breasts. Fingers crossed that you only have benign lumps this time too.
The waiting for results is horrible, so if you need to, come on here to rant, moan, cry, whatever makes you feel better. Please don’t GOOGLE!! I’m sure you’ve already been warned to stay away as most info on there is wrong or out of date. Just visit this site or the Macmillan site. Sending you big hugs, and best wishes for your results day.

Poemsgalore xx

Thanku for your reply Poemsgalore :). I’m feeling a little better today. Been busy with work and tidying the house aswell as looking after my family. It took my mind off things but it’s really helped finding you guys. (hugs to u all) xx

Hi Loopy
Just wishing you all the best for your diagnosis on the 8th. I too am awaiting results of biopsy on nodes, had lump removed. Its tiny steps. Always good to keep things normal. I hear a heatwave is on its way, so out in the garden with the radio tomorrow with my feet up. At least when I go for results on the 12th I shall have a good tan. Ha ha.
Hi Poemsgalore how are you doing?

Hi Maseo, hi Loopy

I’m doing just great thanks. I had my surgery eons ago (December actually) got chemo under my belt and have just started my aromatase inhibitor tablets (Anastrozole) so waiting for a whole new set of SEs and worries to go with them. I had a bone density scan last week, as these tablets CAN give you osteoporosis which I am already high risk for. Thanks cancer, another gift you’ve given me!!
Good luck and big hugs to both of you. xxx

Hi Loopy147,
So glad you have found us but like poems wish you had no need for us. My OH found teh forum for me as he knows I like to chat and it has been a god send, when I am upset, want a rant and everyone always loves a bit of good news on here. Talking of good news my bone and cat scan results were clear hurray! Just second WLE next Wednesday.
I believe you will worry the most until you get a treatment plan which seems such a long way from the beginning of the journey. But it is important that they do all the tests they need to do.
Good luck with next week I will be thinking of you and hoping you get the results you want.

Sam xxx

Hi everyone
I too have just had a lump removed recently, on 3 July, and was relieved how relatively pain free in was.
now I am lounging around, whilst my elderly Mum, (who I should be looking after)! And my husband bring me drinks and food.
after all ca have instructions not to lift he kettle or iron!
so roll on the sunshine!
just feeling so lucky to have a brilliant health service that detected my lump on my first mamammogram, and that( after the initial shock of it) I have jumped through the first hurdle quite easily. I feel lucky to have the love and support of so many people and am glad to share my experiences with you on this site.
yes there is the matter of the results of the sentinel node biopsy, but lets just enjoy th sunshine whilst we can.

Thankyou everyone for your kind replies.
I think this will be a long weekend coming up for me but your right Maseo, the nice warm sunny weather helps. I love sitting out in the sun :).
So sorry Poemsgalore :(. This must be a hard time for you. Thinking of you.
Samjs. So great to hear your news :).
(hugs to everyone) xx

Hi everyone,
l too had a routine mammogram 5 weeks ago and am now waiting for my lumpectomy and sentinel lobe biopsy
next friday… then yet again the long anxious wait for the results. l’ve been so lucky that i’ve been looked after
so well and that its all happening so quickly. This site has been wonderful for me,helping me understand each step
that i have to take to beat this.
Hugs to you all and enjoy the sunshine! xxx

Loopy, please don’t worry about me you have enough problems of your own. If you peek at my profile, you will see I’m quite used to complicated health conditions. Breast cancer was just another one for me. One that I could recover from and never worry about again. My other conditions are life-long, so I just get on with it. Take care.
Poemsgalore xx

Hi Loopy, I too am waiting for results if biopsy, on Monday. Never felt so ahave as I have during this week! People say its likely to be benign, well yes and I hope it is, but there’s the doubt and its SO hard. No one understands, apart from those going through it. Good luck Monday x

Hi Wishywoman
Sending big hugs and best wishes. Hoping it is benign and so a good outcome for you.
Poemsgalore xx

Thanks poemsgalore. I realised I made a few spelling mistakes, I blame my phone lol! Only one more day before results, it’s been a hard week. But reading your comments, you’ve been through the mill and still facing things now. Big hugs to you x

Huge hugs to all of you and thanku again for being here to support me.
So results day is today. Appointment is at 14:45. For the last couple of days i’ve been feeling increased dull ache around arm pit but i don’t know if i’m just imagining it. *sighs* But it’s okay. The waiting is nearly over.
Wishing you all a great day. It’s just wonderful to have the warm weather. . . AND MURRAY WON!! :slight_smile:

Okay. . . so it’s great news!!! I have a Papilloma! Dr said no cancer. However, then he went onto say that it had to be removed and rechecked. I noticed the file in front of me and saw the words ‘Malignancy uncertain.’ What? so i asked does that mean you may still find out it’s Malignant? He shook his head, ‘No. very unlikely.’ I should be relieved. Alot of you guys have had worst results then me but i was really hoping it was a cyst. That would be a definite benign. Obviously they are not 100% sure or he wouldn’t have said ‘we need to recheck it.’ So now i need to wait 4-6 weeks for my op. Damnit!!

I’m 26 and waiting for appointment at breast clinic due to a lump in my right breast. I had doctors appointment today and am automatically assuming the worst even though I know statistically the odds are in my favour.
Did other people imagine themselves with cancer when waiting for their appointment/results. I feel almost as if thinking these thoughts is me somehow wishing it upon myself. Does that make sense to anyone or am I just a terrible person?

Hi Smileyk, I think we have all been in your situation. When we don’t know for certain what we are dealing with our imagination goes into overdrive and we always imagine the worst. You are definately not a terrible person for thinking this way, it’s entirely normal. You are right in saying that with your young age the odds are very much in your favour, the majority of lumps do not turn out to be sinister. Best of luck with your appointment at the clinic, hope everything goes okay for you and that you come back to us with good news - we love good news. Pat x

Thank you Trisha_51,
It’s reassuring to know that other people have thought the way I am thinking too. I was feeling like I was a) being overdramatic about the situation as I haven’t had a diagnosis of breast cancer so feel somewhat guilty for feeling so upset about my situation and b) had discovered an unknown sado masochistic streak in me that because I was imagining myself with cancer and what it might involve, meant that I was almost wishing to be diagnosed, which again makes me feel guilty.
I’m currently finishing a masters and applying for jobs (I have an interview tomorrow). So the timing hasn’t been great…but I suppose it never is.
Thank you for the kind words and best wishes to everyone

Good luck with the interview tomorrow Smileyk.

Good luck with the interview smileyk x

Your thoughts are perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean that you’re wishing cancer on yourself.

Waiting 4-6 weeks for your op must be awful Loopy147 but I would take heart that the doctor said that your papilloma is highly unlikely to be malignant.