Any one on Ibrance and Letrozole on antidepressants?  Started going to work 3 weeks ago after diagnosis in December and was doing so much better emotionally.  I work in a hospital and unfortunately last Monday doctors sent me home because of COVID-19.  My emotions are everywhere and depression has kicked I . On top of it all tinnitus has hit me after Denusomab injection (anyone experienced this).  I cannot carry on like this.  Last night 2 hours sleep and today all day crying.  What antidepressant can be taken with Ibrance?


Just sending you a hug - all normality has gone out of the window for everyone at the moment and doubly hard if you are dealing with cancer alongside all the chaos - I’ve started a night owls thread in the living with breast cancer section as lots of people having trouble sleeping right now - I wake at 3.50 every night and wait for Mr Blackbird to start singing .Not sure about the anti-depressants - you could ask this in Aak the Nurses section .


I was diagnosed in April last year,on pablociclib and Letrozole.Doing okay until I just broke down one day out of the blue,I cried anD cried I was getting ready to go to work this was in October,so it took up until then to realise it was all to much.Went to doctors anD she prescribed citalopram 20mg,it took a few weeks to kick in but I I am so glad that I visited the doctor.I can put think more clearly and things are not so dire.

hope this helps.xxxx

Sorry to hear your going through a rough time. Ringing in your ears must be horrid. Before diagnosis I was previously on sertraline and still am with no adverse side effects with letrozole and ibrance.

take care hope you find relief soon.

Hi, I am on fulvestrant and ibrance and denusonab I have just started taking citalopram 20mg after having a long bout of anxiety. I also have councelling at my local hospice which helps me. I ‘resisted’ offers of anti depressants previously but, after living with SBC for 7 years, I recently realised I haven’t been coping as well as I thought I was. I feel totally myself again on them( though am not working at the moment as I’ve been told by work to stay at home. ).

I hope this helps.x