Antihistamines and Anastrozole

Have been suffering from Hayfever and went to get something for it. The pharmacist looked it up in his book and said there was no advice about taking anithistamines with Anastrozole, so therefore I shouldn’t take any.
This sounds harsh. Has anyone had any advice that they know is medically sound?

My oncologist has a list of all my meds that I take and one is Cetirizide (prescribed anti histamine). She never queried it, and has put me on Anastrazole. Could you ring your onco’s secretary to ask her to check for you?

If there is ‘no advice’ about taking one drug with another I would take it to mean no contraindication has so far been found, either from theoretical resrsearch or adverse reaction reporting.

Hi Annie22…I take Benadryl, Claritin or sometimes a supermarket own brand for hayfever and checked with my Oncologist before she prescribed last Summer. So far, no ill effects! However I would check with your Onc or GP to be on the safe side. You probaly have read it already, but if not, does the instruction leaflet that comes with Anastrozole mention any contraindications? x

What a strange thing for the pharmacist to say, Annie! I agree with Jeniffer that if no contra-indications are indicated the two drugs are compatible - but do check with your Onc.

Annie x

Brilliant! Thank you. I thought it was odd and I looked on the intenet and found that in the US Clarytin is prescribed for rashes caused by Anastrozole - so must be OK. I felt so terrible today so will take one tomorrow.
Happy summer everyone and thanks again

on the leaflet which came with my Anastrozole, there are no contra-indications with any anti-histamine. So I consider your decision a safe one Annie.
pg xx

Lovely. Thanks poemsgalore. It’s so much nicer to be out and about rather than sitting inside with all the doors and windows closed.

Hi everyone
I was DX in March 2010 and now take Anastrozole. For the last 3 years I have taken antihistamines for severe hay fever, just like for the last 30 years and absolutely no problems…

I have been on arimidex for over 2 years now and regularly take the anti histamine Piriton in tablet form. I had this checked out with my oncologist who said it was OK. I only take one or two tablets per week as needed and the main benefit is not just the hay fever - it actually helps me sleep all night without the terrible aches and pains in my joints caused by the arimidex.  I would ask your GP if you are still concerned.

I too am on anastrozole since July and suffer hayfever in summer months. I have taken anthistamines for that time and still get runny nose even now.

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