Antihistamines for letrozole joint pain?

Has anyone tried Loratadine antihistamines to help with joint pain on letrozole? Have heard it might help? I already take Amitriptyline at night, but I’m still struggling.

I took an Ibuprofen today for the first time. I’d be interested to know if the antihistamines work. It’s mainly my hands that are affected. Awful!

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I take ibuprofen and paracetamol. I don’t think antihistamines work but I do use piriton to help me sleep. I buy this as chlorophormine which is the generic name (I hope I have spelt it correctly)

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Mine are bad too! I wake up in the night with claw hands! My knees and pelvis are terrible too - I feel 90 years old sometimes and I’m a really active, fit 50 year old :roll_eyes:
I’ll give the Loratadine a go and let you know. Ibuprofen doesn’t even touch my pain unfortunately. x

Hi I’m taking glucosamine gold vitamin supplement and fish oil . Seems to help from Natures Best site. The site was recommended by my chiropractor as good quality vitamins . I am on letrozole and from my research seemed to be ok to take. Hope you find some relief :blush:

Thank you @Elaine55 !
If the antihistamines don’t work, I’ll try that :+1: It’s just so bl**dy annoying - been on letrozole for 8 months now - hot flushes have gone and most of the other side effects, but joint pain seems to be getting worse! xx

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I have taken ibuprofen for quite a while now as you can buy them cheaply in tescos. I now find that you shouldn’t be taking this if you have high blood pressure or high cholestrol, both of which can be side effects of letrozole! I feel I will have to ask the medics what they think I should take apart from paracetamol, which works better if you take it with caffeine. Unfortunately caffeine can make a heart race faster. So I think I shall soon be living on distilled water or least worst food, drink and pain medication whatever this is…

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God knows @Seagulls!
How much longer do you have to take it? Bet you’re counting down the days…
Luckily my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are good so pain relief isn’t a problem… except it doesn’t help very much at the moment! :crazy_face: exercise really helps me, so now I’ve recovered from my Diep I’m hoping I can do a lot more and that might alleviate the symptoms :crossed_fingers: x

@diddy1 someone recently mentioned this to me also. This lady (who is stage 4 bone mets and suffers with pain) was telling me that there are two different types of Clarytin, one has Loratadine and one that doesn’t. She said it helped her and she ended up going to her GP and asking to be prescribed the Loratadine.
I really struggle with pain myself, seems to be getting worse! Stopped Anastrazole about 5 weeks ago but the pain hasn’t improved and had a bone scan to be on the safe side and that was clear. Feel like I’m making it up half the time and get on my own nerves with the moaning! xx

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Same! My husband must be so bored of my moans and groans when I get up from the sofa!
Good to hear that loratadine works for someone who must struggle even more. I’ve taken it for 3 evenings now, so watch this space! x

@diddy1 keep us posted if it works because all the pain is so debilitating so I would be keen to try it too.
I have even made a pain relief balm to see if that helps, its got magnesium and CBD in it…got to try things xx

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Just to say that after I finished with Anastrozole although some of the stiffness and joint pain ( in lower back and fingers ) improved in a few days it took other parts of me quite a few months to feel better - so try not to feel too discouraged as it may still improve.

I’ve recently started taking glucosamine with Chondroitin and Vitamin C along with my Vitamin D and Turmeric and I’ve noticed improvement in my left shoulder which I’ve had both a rotator cuff injury and a trapped nerve in . I’ve been taking Magnesium for a long time for migraine prevention and I do think it helps the joints a bit too. I still need to take Ibuprofen a few days a week though plus an odd Paracetamol as well .

Still struggling a bit with my knees a bit and tension in my neck / shoulders that can bring on a migraine if I don’t stretch every day - but that’s partly because of the prior injuries. Interesting to hear about the Loratadjne though.

Joanne x

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I have tried glucosamine- but don’t think I gave it enough time. Magnesium is on my radar too @JoanneN. As you say @Jukat - got to try things!
Will let you know about the loratadine - really hoping it works :crossed_fingers:…… x

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After more than 2 weeks, unfortunately ladies I’m not feeling any particular benefit from nightly loratadine antihistamines…
There appears to be a lot of posts on the forum about letrozole and joint pain at the moment… such a quandary as it is certainly considered the big guns for us ER+ ladies (and gents) As a young (now) 51 year old, I want to give myself the best chances of avoiding recurrence but equally I don’t relish feeling like a 90 year old for the next 4 years…! Ho hum - will try all the other recommendations!

The only things that have helped me with joint and stabbing pains are paracetamol and ibuprofen.

I recently saw there’s some side effect of ibuprofen that interacts with something else I am taking but as I can’t remember what this is I am still taking it.

The main issue for me is whether to take it before or after the pains appear. I have mostly opted for only taking it when the pains are at their worst and to keep busy.

They are more annoying if I am trying to relax and get that throbbing or stabbing pain again