Anuyone refusing mammograms?!

Hello everyone
I had just spent some time compiling my problem/fear on this site and then it disappeared off the screen!!

So this is a brief and I wouild be grateful to hear from anyone with similar experience. I had my first year annual follow up last Thursday, and was unable to tolerate a memmogram because of the pain, and had an ultrasound instead, which apparently was find but now I am worrying myself to distraction because I haven’t had a mammo and what if etc. Anyone had similar situation?

I am also suffering with depression and am resisting antidepressants. I was p[rescribed Moclobemide and another wone called Citalopram, neither of which I have had dispensed.

I’d be grateful for any comparisons and advice#

Love and God bless yo you all and wishing you a good Christmas and happy and healthy new year xx

Hi Kookey, Just answered your thread and mine disappeared too!! I think antidepressants can be useful for some people to help them function ie get back to work or just getting our of bed. But I also think it is more useful to use them in conjuction with a talking therapy. Having cancer is very stressful and it may throw up other difficulties from the past that you may not have worked through or looked at and then problems compound and depression can set in. Often depression can be seem as unexpressed anger, sadness, grief etc
Best wishes

Hi Kookey,
You are not on your own in declining a mammogram. I too have done so. I asked for an MRI scan and at first was told “we don’t usually do them”- just take paracetamol on the morning and they will not squash the plates together as hard as normal" but that was still unacceptable to me. Also have a Hickman line in and was told by another highly qualified nurse that you really shouldn’t be having a mammogram with one in.
I was nicely insistant and in the end I was allowed to have MRI scan wihch will be the day after tomorrow.
I do appreciate that I was told both MRI and ultrasound are not as accurate as the mammogram results but it is a risk I am willing to put up with at the moment as the pain is too bad to go through with the mammo. The way I see it is that all the various treatment/drugs/procedures and c**p that we have had to go so far all have risks and no matter how much you investigate evidence and figures etc this disease is unpredictable still goes its own way- we have to do what is right for ourselves at the time,
I have had a couple of bad weeks myself and have gone to see my breast care specialist nurse for a howl. Felt much better for talking to her…maybe you have a sinilar person in your area?
love to you,
wishing you back your christmas wishes,
V. xxx

Hi Kookey

Can understand exactly how you are feeling. My mammogram was so painful I was nearly sick …felt like the whole rib cage was in the machine.

Just wanted to say that I was prescribed citalopram during my chemo I’m still on it now nearly a year later. I find it a great help. Took away about 80% of my anxiety and miseries. I dont get any side effects with it. I hope someone else will come along and tell you also what a great help it can be.

Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year
Judy xxx

Hi Violetta

Kept meaning to pm you back on your thread. My trip to the hospital was fine. Its all side effects from rads apparently. I was so elated when I came out of the hospital. Thank you for your nice message I hope you have a Happy Christmas
Judy x

problem with computer. Thank you all for your helpful feedback. will be in touch soon