Anxiety about breast clinic screening

I’m 31 years old with no family history of breast cancer but my grandmother had ovarian cancer. Last week I found a firm round lump underneath my areola by my nipple. It is apparently 1.5cm and it feels like it only moves side to side and is fixed into the tissue.  On that breast the nipple is also slightly sunken in (I’ve always had inverted nipples though), does this indicate cancer?

I went to the GP and she found the lump but didn’t really give any assurance and said it could be many things but she needs to rule out breast cancer. She didn’t really ease my anxiety and just made a comment I shouldn’t already diagnose myself and she can’t tell what it is from examining me. I’m booked in for an appointment at the breast clinic next Thursday but I’m really upset and scared. I also found the referral noted and she ticked the ‘likely breast cancer’ red section of the form for a two week referral which has made me more anxious. Is there any chance it isn’t cancer or does it seem it is

Hi Chick310

I am not surprised that you are feeling anxious if she has ticked a box like that. I can’t comment on your symptoms as mine are very different. I attended the breast screening clinic last week and they were so helpful and nice, so hopefully you will have a better experience there and they can put your mind at ease. Maybe write down any questions you want to ask and take them with you. 

I have read that Fibroadenomas are more common in people aged 20-35. Maybe it could be that or just a cyst? Fingers crossed all is ok. 

Bear xx

Yes! It is way more likely that this is something benign than it is cancer. Even with what you are describing. But they have to rule it out. It’s just the way it goes. And she probably checked that box to make sure you got in sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t read too much into it and just try to focus on something else rather than your upcoming appointment. Hopefully you’ll be in and out and on your way afterwards and truly the odds are in your favor for that exact thing.