Anxiety after finishing chemo

Hi, i have had a terrible week mentally. I had my last of 10 chemos last Wednesday and start my rads on the 18th… i cannot shut my mind off, thinking if the cancer has gone or not and hearing about so many people who have terminal cancer. Cant sleep and it just will not leave my mind at all… anyone else feel like this? And who can i speak to about it?

Hi Boodles…think most of us feel/felt like that at the end of treatment…have a look at this article, quite long but worth a read to see that it’s OK to feel like this and maybe help to put your feelings in perspective.


Do you have a MacMillan or similar attached to your hospital…can they offer some complementary therapies or counselling if that would be helpful?  Otherwise, if you can, share your feelings with the person in your team, Onc, GP, BCN who you trust and respect the most.  The BCC helpline is also fab…they are very good at listening :slight_smile:


if it helps, the way my Surgeon and Onc deacribed the treatment, was that the operation removed the cancer, the chemo is systemic to remove any sneaky cells that may be lurking, and the radiotherapy is local to treat the area around the surgery. 


You take care and try to access the help that you need…J x