Anxiety and pain

Hey, so I have been dealing with horrible pains for 2 or so weeks now, along with poor circulation in my hands and feet. (Raynaud phenomenon) although for the past 2 years now I’ve dealt with strange symptoms. I’ve been mostly in bed unable to be productive due to the pain and fatigue. So far my blood tests have been normal, but I remembered I forgot to mention I have this small semi-hard lump on my wrist to my doctor. But I assumed it was fine since she was going to refer me to a vascular specialist anyways. 

And then I found the other lump… I was in bed and I felt a sharp pain near my armpit and rib cage, so I felt for my lymph nodes, my armpits felt sore but I didn’t feel anything strange. That is until I felt across to my right breast. That’s when I felt a hard lump. Now not only was this anxiety inducing but extremely dysphoria inducing. I was hoping to get top surgery soon and I didn’t want to go through any probing of that part of my body. However the next day I told my mother and she said we will have to tell the doctor and get an exam. Now it’s night again and I can’t stop thinking about getting a mamogram. I keep telling myself I’m 18 and its probably nothing but I’ve been in so much pain lately I can’t help but feel anxiety, as well as feeling gended dysphoria over the whole situation. I can’t sleep, I’m in pain, and my mind won’t shut up. I just graduated high school and I haven’t been able to be productive due to feeling so sick, my mom said she will call the doctor tomorrow. 



Sorry you are in this position. Being unwell and out of circulation for so long is almost bound to induce some kind of health anxiety. But that doesnt mean your fears are unfounded. Any new and hard lump should be checked out, even if, at 18, you are very young for breast cancer. There are many other possible explanations - almost 90% of referrals to breast clinics turn out not to be breast cancer. You may have a cyst, a fibroadenoma (lump of gristly tissue), you may be misinterpreting what you can feel. But your mum is right - get it checked so you can relax again. You have enough to worry about without joining this gang!! Best of luck xx