Anxiety before annual checkup

I was first diagnosed in 1990 and had a recurrence in 2007 and despite the vast number of mammograms and ultrasounds I have had, I still get really anxious before my checkup. It just doesn’t get any easier as I get older…

HI Olivia
I was dx in September 2009 and still get very anxious prior to any kind of check up.
I think this is normal given what you have been through, it is your brains way of reminding you of past experiences.

How are you doing now Olivia?

Best wishes

Worried - check up Tues. trying to keep smiling

Snap - mines Tuesday too! I was diagnosed 2008, triple negative and like you get anxious and snappy in the few days leading up to the appointment. All we can do is try to keep positive and keep warrioring on :slight_smile:

i have my 1st yearly check on 8th july