Anxiety hell!!



I have had a burning pain in the nipple and areola for a while now been doctors twice they sent me away with creams which haven’t worked so I told them I want to be referred to the breast clinic, I’m just waiting for my appointment but in the meantime I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this xx 

Hi nalnal


I experienced an excruciating itch that nothing could soothe. This was maybe 4 decades ago and all it meant was I had an itch. Pain isn’t usually a symptom of breast cancer (not till you’ve had your surgery!). If it were, we’d all be diagnosed much sooner and far less damage be done. However, I doubt that will reassure you. All you can do is wait for your referral now and try to rationalise what else might be the cause - your bras, your laundry products - rather than jump to what is probably (though not guaranteed) unlikely. In the meantime, you should consider ways to reduce your anxiety hell, as you describe it - physical exercise, keeping busy, talking to someone you trust, mindfulness, meditation…I resorted to YouTube videos which actually saw me through all my treatments - Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing was great and Michael Sealey is good too - repeated use is recommended as, first time, you’ll be too anxious even to listen. You have to work at reducing fear/anxiety fortunately.


Good luck with the referral.