Anxiety over cancer spreading

Hi all. Is anyone else suffering badly from anxiety over their cancer spreading in between having the CT scan and starting treatment? I have this real fear that whilst the CT scans were clear… something is ticking away inside and will spread before the chemo starts. I can’t seem to shake the fear.
I currently don’t have any enlarged lymph nodes… nor have they been biopsied — this will all be done after my 6 months of treatment…but I can’t help feel panicked that everyday something might be growing somewhere else.
I have been told that my BC lump is ‘low grade’ … 1 or 2.

Is there anyone out there who feels or did feel the same as me?

Hi Sam,
Yes, we’ve all been there at some point, it’s quite a’normal’ fear.
I found it can be helpful to focus on the facts ie. nodes look fine & it’s low grade.
Nothing drastic is going to happen between diagnosis & treatment.
Although going through this is horrible, thank goodness it’s been diagnosed so that it can now be dealt with.
ann x

I think everyone of us has felt like you.
I don’t have any answers i am afraid. But if you are near a Maggie’s centre or something they have great support in place for talking through these anxieties. They also have relaxation classses etc which can help when the anxiety gets out of control.

Where about are you in your treatment plan? I am having chemo first before surgery and rads. Just completed no 3 of 6. I have my mid way check up scans in the next few weeks and my anxiety is high. I have a suspicious spot on my liver which was too small to be identified properly. So it’s getting scanned again this week. Got everything crossed that it’s just a fatty lump or similar. If it has shrunk it’s indicative of being cancer and it’s responded to the chemo. So here’s hoping it’s exactly the same.

We just have to trust in our team and be vigilant with our bodies and thank goodness this forum is here.

Take care

Hi Sam - Yes lots of us feel the same.  I had a cough when I was diagnosed with grade 2 IDC and after surgery with 2 positive lymph nodes.   I was convinced it had spread to my lungs already.  However a course of antibiotics cleared up my cough and nearly 3 years later I am doing fine.   If you are unable to sleep for worrying you could ask your GP for sleeping tablets to tide you over.   I found the constant worrying and anxiety the hardest thing to deal with but it did go away.  

All the best x