Anxiety over waiting

Hello! I’ve posted a few times about nipple discharge problem and I’m struggling so bad!!

I just wandered if anyone went through the same as me! I’m so stressed out, I won’t do anything been signed of for 2 weeks, I spend all day everyday in my bed with the curtains closed I’ll eat 2 meals a day to keep myself maintained which isn’t usual for me, since it all started about 2 weeks ago I’ve been so ill, I’ve lost weight, I was about 14 a half stone maybe more it fluctuates, went down to 14, weighed  myself again and now I’m 13.12, could this be from eating only 2 meals a day? I’m so scared! Been to breast clinic had an ultrasound twice and waiting for nipple Discharge cytology! I’ve already diagnosed myself with the worst, I’m convinced it’s spread because I have a weird ache under my right rib I’ve lost weight, I have dark urine as soon as I woke up, all looks like signs of liver cancer? I’m convinced it’s spread there and everywhere else! I’m 12 weeks pregnant, I’m 23 and ive basically already given myself a death sentace! Why is this happening why am I loosing weight, I’m so done with it all

Hi meglouise

Mmm, yeh, Delly again.  Are you going through ALL this worry alone?? In other words, As a single Mum, without partner? If so, that’s tough enough, without your yet UNfounded fears of something more serious from your discharge. Pleeease STOP googling, and thinking the worst. For instance, your morning dark urine may just “simply” be due to not enough fluids/hydration. 

How long have you to yet wait for your results?? I have to say, had I been pregnant and had a nipple discharge, I would have immediately contacted my pre or anti-natal team to have it checked out, not the breast “cancer” team. Is why I asked if you were under a pre-natal team - a pre-natal nipple discharge, at your age, more likely to be that much more related to hormonal?? or an infected duct?? However, I apologise, that isn’t of much help to you right now. 

You’ve already had 2 checks with the breast cancer team, despite being with the same consultant.

I’m sorry to be harsh, but you do seriously need to get more settled down for the sake of your upcoming baby. More importantly, that YOU Find something to distract YOU. Check into some hypnotherapy downloads on-line, for helping anxiety and to help you sleep. Go to bed and put your earplugs in. I guarantee, You’re likely to fall asleep before it finishes. You desperately need to get “tuned into” SOMEthing, ANY thing that will caaaaalm you doowwwn and keep you more positive.  Have a look at Marissa Peers U-tube, or buy some of the downloads.

Please Keep us posted how you are doing.

Much love to you,  Delly  xx