Anxiety treatment

Hello all I’m having a negative day today and have been for the last week or so.I seemed to be coping fairly well about a month ago when I was taking Citalopram daily and Diazepam prn for panic attacks.My GP wasn’t keen on my taking Diazepam but they are the only thing that helps with my p.a and I have tried other methods,so he started me on mirtazapine with Diazepam prn.That was about a month ago,the Dr also said I could order more Diazepam on patient access as I couldn’t have them on my repeat scrip.Well I tried ordering more so many times without success so am feeling more stressed out.I also think the mirtazapine is making me feel worse,I’m thinking too much,not sleeping and feeling lower than low.Im having more pa and upset all the time.Obviousely the mirtazepine are doing more harm than good.I can’t stop taking them immediately it has to be done gradually but I have nothing to back me up.How are you all coping?any advise would be appreciated.

My GP allows me to order Valium( in small amounts - I use them to cope with scans mainly now  ) but I have to ring the surgery and they send a note to GP to request the prescription- they are jumpy about repeat prescriptions .Panic attacks are so awful- I was crippled by them for a couple of years - I found that CBT therapy helped me eventually as it was very practical and down to earth which suited my personality. Medication( Sertraline) ) made me feel dreadful and mentally worse -sounds like you should get a telephone appointment urgently with your GP to discuss.Jill xx

Hi Bevrax

I’m so sorry you’re in this position. After a lifetime of panic attacks, I wouldn’t wish them on anyone! It was so bad, I almost didn’t go ahead with chemo but the oncologist prescribed lorazepam (I think they feared I might do a runner mid-treatment). I’ve even managed a couple of MRIs thanks to lorazepam.

Like you, diazepam is the only thing that helps with a panic attack but strangely, they went on hold once I started chemo December 2018 and - touch wood - I haven’t had another since, a minor miracle. I have had pregabalin prescribed for neuropathic pain following chemo and radiotherapy and it has a noticeable effect on anxiety. I barely need diazepam now. If you can’t order a new prescription, ring your practice but maybe discuss alternatives with your GP. Better not to get to the panic attack stage in the first place!

I found that listening to ‘videos’ on YouTube has helped tremendously. I particularly like Progressive Hypnosis’s Manifest Healing (it’s seen me through some very tough times) and Michael Sealey has a range of videos geared to specifics like IBS, anxiety, insomnia. There’s also Good Vibes binaural beats but you need good earphones to fully benefit. Don’t be put off by the word ‘hypnosis.’ They are no different from meditations.

I hope there’s something here that may help you with such high levels of anxiety. You shouldn’t be left to put up with it.


Hey ladies

I have been on citalopram since 2013 but diagnosed in 2019 I have had them increase twice that year in june just after I was diagnosed and November when num was. When I was inpatient in hospital I was prescribed lorazpam which prescribed when was in hospital anyway my Macmillan nurse referred me to a physcolgist and she officially diagnosed me with anxiety. She helps me lots and during this pandemic when ringing me once fortnight maybe councillor or something will help sorry shout that spelling mistake. I should have gone years ago but she really does calm me down look at somerbinfs different way and also nice speak someone who isnt emotionally involved too  xxx

Hi try your gp again about diazapam again or your bcn. I suffer like yourself with severe anxiety and my gp quite happy for me to take it . It certainly helped. I have never become addicted to it. Only take it when anxiety is at its worst. Please ask again or people who deal with 

mental problems attached to going through cancer.   Best wishes and keep asking for help on this matter.