Anxiety. Worried about Recurring cancer

Anyone else struggling. Every ache, every pain, every niggle. My mind goes straight to “is it cancer”

my family all think it being over dramatic.

I want to scream until you’ve had cancer you have no idea.

I wish I could have a full scan to check.

I can totally relate to this feeling. Since finishing chemo in June last year hardly a day has went by that I haven’t had some sort of issue - back ache, headache, dizzyness, bladder issues, breast pain to name a few. Pre cancer diagnosis I wouldn’t have given any of these a thought however now I convince myself that its cancer. I have went to my oncologist/GP to get checked out and so far have been ok however I just wish I could feel normal and start to try and move on from this. 

It’s so frustrating when people who haven’t had cancer seem to think that once you complete your treatment you go back to living life as you did before!

I’m feeling exactly the same. I finished chemo in June, had surgery and radiotherapy and now on herceptin injections. But I’m just watching and waiting for anything and everything that might mean it’s come back or spread somewhere else. It’s the hardest part by far than having all the treatment, and with everyone else mostly just wanting to forget that it happened I’m finding family don’t want to discuss it. Understandable, I guess. I’m going to see if I can talk to someone who can give a bit of counselling I think. 


Totally understand everyone here especially how some think you can just move on like its never happened but you cant.

i finished in sept and yep have left over effects inc lymphodemea which i never had before.

the worse part is not thinking every new thing could be cancer and not worrying about what if i ignore it.

i hold onto the BCN advice - if it is new, different and persistent check it out but i also feel once u have had it, the scars of what you went through never go away.

hugs to all xx


i am exactly the same.from the minute I wake up which is a lot as I have insomnia my first thought is cancer. I have had all my treatment now and working from home at the moment. I have no idea when I will or if I will see my surgeon or breast care nurse. I just feel out on a limb xx

I know exactly how you feel. Every day is a struggle and I’ve been told I’m high risk for recurrence so I’m really paranoid about everything now! My family have said to me ‘you can’t worry over every little thing’. I know they’re only saying it for my own good but I say the same as you. Unless they’ve had it (not that I’d wish this on anyone) they don’t understand. I’ve had a few scares along the way too, initially there were ‘suspicious areas’ around my lungs and stomach but turned out to be nothing and then I had to have a ct in February when they found out about my poor response to chemo. I was in such a state waiting for the results and even though it was clear, I haven’t been able to pick myself up since. I’m always wondering when mine will return and where. I hope you can find a way to cope with your anxiety 

I know what you mean about every niggle no matter where it is sets my mind wondering.

I had dcis and they told me they caught it time, had duel wire incision and before my surgery I was told both areas measured 6mm and 2mm but it turned out to be 80mm.

They keep telling me they got it all and only had 5 days of radiotherapy.

My boss thought I was just trying to get out of work after my reaction to radiotherapy .

I am now back at work and I get very emotional with things on tv about death and cancer.

I have my first check up in Jan 2022 and what if it comes back.

Hugs to all

Hi, I actually felt similar to you. I mentioned it to a doctor on my consultants team - I wondered about having regular scans, he said ‘you cant live like that’… iI thought ‘yep I totally could live like that, least I would get regular reassurance!’ Unless someone’s been through it they dont really understand what it’s like. But I think it’ll gradually get easier.

Yes, I too feel anxious about recurring cancer and if I will miss it, especially if it occurs somewhere else.  I think it’s normal. I joined this group to try to dispel these thoughts but can’t find any articles.  I don’t talk about it except to other cancer survivors that I know and they feel the same way.

Battle on!