ANXIETY Help Guys!!
I’ve not logged on for a while as since treatment finished in March I’ve bin tryin to get on wi life.

However the last couple of weeks I can feel anxiety building to the extent that sunday I was laid up in bed all day feeling dizzy/woozy and I now feel sick to the pit of my stomach ALL DAY since Sunday. I cant seem to shake it off.

I can only presume its because my first check with my surgeon after treatment has finished is coming up in 2 weeks, followed by mammogram in August.

Why do I feel so anxious, life is getting back to some kind of norm and I feel lucky I’ve come out the other side.

Comments and kind words of advice/help would be appreciated. I know its irrational but I’m having negative thoughts creeping back into my mind again


Clemy x

Hi Clemy,
I know how you feel.
I am having a bone scan today. I’ve had the injection and I’ve to return to the hospital this afternoon to have the ‘pctures’ taken.
The anxiety is of course about them finding something isn’t it?
I have thought through the worst scenario in mental preparation for the worst outcome. I tried not to let it scare me but yesterday I found that I couldn’t bottle it up any longer and I shared my thoughts with my husband. You know, that helped a lot! Perhaps by sharing with us guys you have already found some relief from your anxieties.
I have more but I’m posting this as I lost my first long reply to you
Back in a mo. Ali

Success Hi again
(It worked this time!)
Part two…
I went to my first post treatment checkup not knowing what to expect. I thought it might include a mammogram and that I would be given immediate feedback on that… how silly.
I didn’t see my surgeon but one of his team, another new face.
I was asked how I was feeling/doing and though still fatigued from the whole experience I was otherwise OK. He then examined my boobs and reported them to be fine and that was basically it. Nothing to get anxious about really.

Am I anxious today?..well I could be, after all what could they find? I’m having this test done because just before my second checkup I developed back pain. I’ve had this pain since mid April and nothing relieves it. They are checking for bone activity/regeneration and of course for evidence of cancer. I’m wondering if it’s anxiety that’s causing the back pain.
I’ve started a ball rolling here…If they find ‘hotspots’ I’ll need more tests. If they find nothing…I’ll need more tests Eek.
I am in limbo…with a sore back!!
Like you I could use some help/advice/support…

Sending good wishes your way. This site is great. We so need to share with people who know exactly what it’s like.
I know how you feel and I empathise with you.
I hope others will come on and help us both through this.
I wish you the best and I would say just get on with your life. Hey We’re still here aren’t we!!!
Love Ali xxx

ditto Thanks copperbeach your thread has helped.
Just having lunch trying to eat something - can’t believe how one minute life is going great and I’m getting along fine then all of a sudden I’m back THERE and thats not a good place to be!

I agree, this site is invaluable, just having somewhere to vent our thoughts really helps. I’m sure I’ll be like this now till my mammogram is over in August! Just need to hang in there and keep going.

Talk again soon
Clemy x