Hi, unfortunately my step/brothers mums cancer has spread to her liver but I don’t think he’s quite ready to talk about it/ he’s starting to want to talk I think and I think he may be getting anxiety attacks at night so he’s not able to sleep until very late even though he is up for work at 7am every day. I don’t really know how to approach the subject with him and ask if his anxiety is more prominent at the moment than it was as I’m worried about being overly invasive. Any advice is deeply appreciated!!
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He is obviously aware that you know about his mum’s condition so perhaps you could start the conversation and ask him if there is anything practical that you could help him with, may be that will give him the opening he needs to talk about it


It is lovely that you are there and ready to support him


Good luck


Helena x

Ok thank you Helena! :slight_smile: x

Hi Em

I often find that if I start the conversation with my own worries about the cancer (in your case your step mum’s)

It opens up the topic but concentrates it on your worries rather than your step brother’s.

It is so easy for it to become “the elephant in the room” with everyone skirting around the subject.

This should help him to speak about his own concerns.