Wondering if anyone has the same experience / know anything about the experience - would appreciate kind sharing … 


I had breast cancer about 5 years ago. It was Her2+, ER+, PR+. I am currently taking Letrezole, Calcium + Vitamin D, and high blood pressure medication. I notice for nearly 2 years now, I have been having series of anxieties. I have had some series that lasted for a few months. It arises again in the past week and I don’t like the feeling at all.


I notice the below syndroms when the anxieties visits :

  • I fear the worst of things.

  • I worry alot.

  • I overthink things to the very maximum (especially all the worst thoughts)

* how I wish I could overthinking of the best of things that can go right - maybe I should try that tonight.

  • I feel the need to protect myself in all situations (especially in the decisions that I make).

  • I feel loss and empty. 

  • I lack of confidence in the decisions I would like to make.

  • I wake up very early, noticing that I have to control my breathing (to breathe deeply in, and then out).

  • I can be tearful sometimes.


As the anxieties comes and go, the first and last time I saw my GP about it, I was feeling very well in myself. I told my GP I would think about therapy. I have not done anything about it until last week where the anxiety comes back again when I received news about some things that worries me. I have made the decision to see my GP again and have made appointment to see her. I feel it isn’t normal to feel so anxious when I receive whatever news I received, and it lasted for nearly a week now.


My questions are :

  1. As the cancer I had was hormonal (Her2+, ER+, PR+), what type of anxiety medications would suit me ? I know this may not be the meds that my GP will suggest, but knowing the meds that will suit and be safe for me will be helpful. I would also prefer medications that are temporary, and not long term.


  1. Any experiences / knowledge / thoughts at all that can be shared will be utmostly appreciated.


Thank you.


Hi Cecilia-Rose-Ann,

Thanks for your thoughtful post.

We have a section on our website which I hope might be helpful, it’s about coping emotionally with or after breast cancer:

In terms of specific medication that would be most suitable, I hope your GP can help with this when you see her, and in the meantime you’re more than welcome to speak to our helpline nurses on 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.