Hi. I’m new to the forum and my husband has found this website for me as another way to help with my crippling health anxiety. I was diagnosed with high grade calcifications in my left breast in 2013. A mastectomy followed with no need for radium or chemotherapy treatment. This is when my life changed completely! I have suffered from health anxiety since then but it’s at its height again and I’m really posting to see if anyone has the same experience. My body gives me such pain which is always cancer in my eyes and I just think about this all of the time. I had numerous tests after my mastectomy and everything came back negative but 6 years on, I’m at my wits end again with this anxiety. I’m off to the doctors tomorrow but always feel that I’m wasting their time

Once your body has let you down once it’s hard to trust it again and I think pretty normal for a while to have heightened anxiety about any new symptom or ache and pain .Generally this lessens as time goes on but if it’s spoiling your life you really need to get some help with it .I had crippling anxiety for about 18 months - I found CBT really helped me - they help you see things in a slightly different way and give you excercises  to help you calm down the anxiety.Have you had any help with this ?