Anxietymometer on the way up!

So, my initial BC treatment plan is now sorted. Lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy 20th September with rads to follow :white_check_mark:

My ovarian scan last week was good - no worries there :white_check_mark:

My Nexplanon contraceptive implant was removed last week permanently at the request of the BC surgeon and, whilst the gynaecologist advised me that at 53, my ovaries were inactive and I’m probably post-menopausal, I’m having pretty horrendous hot sweats - not good :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Finally, colonoscopy this Friday to sort out a random polyp that’s been hanging around for a while now. My Dr was keen for this to go ahead asap after my BC diagnosis as apparently there is a link between bowel cancer and BC - so that gets another :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Just when I thought I was all calm and was sleeping better I’ve crashed again. I’m so not looking forward to Friday’s procedure. It’s my idea of hell on earth. My sister says that’s because I haven’t had children!!! I’m praying this comes back with nothing to worry about but already my heart is in my mouth.

Sorry to sound so bloomin woeful again but this rollercoaster is unpredictable and I’m not enjoying the ride.

Whilst I continue to live ‘normally’ until it all starts on 20/9, is there any way of totally dismissing the BC from our sub-conscious minds? For just a few seconds every morning when I wake up I’m not haunted by it and then it comes crashing back like a tsunami ?

Roll on a good outcome on Friday - hopefully another hurdle crossed with just the BC to sort out!

Anita it is an emotional rollercoaster but all we can do is hold on tight and endure the ride and make the most of the ups hugs to you xxx

Hi Anita.
I fluctuate from being positive and ready for anything to wanting the ground to open up and swallow me. Don’t worry you’re just like the rest of us.
Let us know how your procedure goes on Friday. It’s not something I have had experience of but someone on here might have and be able to help.

Big hugs x

Rather a lot going on for you just now- no wonder you’re anxious. Good news re the ovaries and getting your treatment plan in place but I guess Friday is uppermost just now. Not sure if this helps, but in 2006 I had a colonoscopy and polyp removed - nothing to do with BC or anything else as it was.  I made the BIG mistake of Googling on an NHS website and found a forum which seemed to tell me that it was going to be agony etc. etc. so I got myself in a right state - wasn’t concerned about what they might find, just worried about the PAIN that was promised. so went in there asking for whatever they offer you as sedation.  Anyway, I had Medazalin I think it was - fully conscious throughout, watched the procedure on the monitor as they did it, found it absolutely fascinating and didn’t feel a thing, and babbled a lot of absolute rubbish apparently. (Was also high as a kite for the rest of the day and evening - fantastic sensation - good job I’m not into drugs…) Important not to drive home yourself afterwards if you are having sedation, but do ask about it - not sure if it is routinely offered or if you have to ask. My neighbour has one every 5 years and apparently stoically refuses any sedation, but that’s just him.

I don’t think you can totally eliminate thoughts of bc at this early stage of the process - just let the thoughts “pass like clouds” as the Buddhists say (if only it were that easy!) All the best for Friday. xxx