Anxious 33yr old....

A couple of months ago i noticed my left breast becoming more uncomfortable/painful when there was any pressure on it…lying down etc…i didnt think anything of it. A few days ago i examined my breasts and found a lump on the lower part of my left breast and near the lump is a ver lumpy area and thought i should get it checked out. I went to the GP today who said it was probably a cyst because it was painful but was going to refer me to the hospital and would have an appointment within a couple of weeks. 4 hours later i have a call from the hospital who have made an appointment for me on Wednesday (just 2 days later) ?

I am now in panic mode as my appointment was so quick. I know in the long run its a good thing but i am petrified. My mum is coming with me…does anyone else recommend that someone attends the appointment for support?

Hi Poly

I think in England, it is the norm to get a referral within 2 weeks of your docs appointment - my letter said that it was even if the doc didn’t suspect cancer.

So my appointment is nearly 2 weeks after my docs app. The waiting is agony. You may have got lucky that an earlier appointment was available, so try not to read to much into how quick your appointment was. You did the right thing in seeing your doctor, and at least you will get an answer sooner rather than later.

Try to stay busy, and those two days will fly.

Sending hugs and best wishes xxx


Definitely take someone with you to this appointment - you are stressed already and it is so easy to miss something or miss-interpret what is being said. Hopefully you will be able to have a celebrationary cup of coffee with your Mum when they tell you that it is just a cyst or something else minor.

Thank you very much! Everything is all so confusing too as my doctor said because the lump is sore and pain isnt a symptom of bc that its more than likely a cyst but reading through the posts there are so many wonderful ladies who have had pain and been diagnosed.

I couldnt sleep last night and i am feeling really emotional today. I am lucky i dont have to wait long at all for my appointment. Fingers crossed for good news. Xxx

Hi Poly_81,

It’s best you take someone with you because as CassieB says, two sets of ears are better than one. In the unlikely event that there is something wrong, your mum will be able to help out with any information the medical staff can give you. But please remember that 80% of lumps are totally harmless, so there’s more chance of her taking you for a celebratory drink afterwards. Wishing you all the best and come back and let us know how you get on. Ann x x x