Anxious about treatment for rare complication

Hi, wondering if anyone else has had a chronic hematoma and what happened, if anything. It is very rare to have one for a long time so I don’t want to worry anyone.


I’ve had a large one from a few weeks after breast cancer surgery in 2016 to now. So 3 years. My surgeon says the only way to remove it is surgery. I do want it done as it’s uncomfortable, sometimes painful and my breast looks small, weird and is totally different to the other side, but I’m anxious. I’ve had some kind of surgery every year for last 3 years due to other medical problems and I’m just plain scared. I want to believe the benefits will outway the problems I’ve had with it, but what if it all goes wrong again. 


I also feel very very guilty because at the end of the day I’m alive. My boobs look weird and I certainly don’t feel attractive but I’m still here. So may be I should just live with it.


All the best




Hello Fiona,

Sorry I can’t help directly regarding your experience of chronic hematoma. Mind you I do have a small chronic seroma that I am trying to accept as yet another “souvenir”. 


I didn’t just want to ignore your post. I can understand, a little at least I think, about your reticence regarding more surgery. I have had two offers of surgery for post treatment disc issues and have declined as still feel I am recovering from the BC surgery and its effects.  However I have put my self down for day surgery for scar issues arising from the BC surgery over 2 years ago. I was hoping for a natural resolution but it’s not happening. I was down for it previously and cancelled. A bit like you thinking what if it goes wrong and I end up worse etc.  I saw the surgeon a few weeks ago and went through all the pros and cons. Bless him he said to me that it was ok for me still to refuse even if I had got to the stage that I was lying on the operating bed!!


Anyway name is on the list and I am still chewing it over.  I am trying to trust the surgeon again and accept that if the risk was significant, for example that it could make the issue worse etc, then  he would not undertake it.  There are no solid guarantees though.  It’s like treatment dilemma after dilemma isn’t it?? 


One thing I would ask you though is why on earth do you feel guilty?  For having and going through cancer treatment and its aftermath?  For wanting the best for yourself?  For what it’s worth, I don’t think you have any reason to feel guilty.

Best wishes to you Fiona,

Chick ? x

Hi Fiona, 

just read your post and understand what you mean about feeling guilty. 

My surgery didn’t work out how I thought it would as they couldn’t complete the diep. I’m waiting to find out what they may offer next for reconstruction and believed I could only have an implant because that is all that’s been mentioned. I felt I was being selfish to ask about any other options as I should be grateful I’m being offered anything at all, all on the NHS. 

I had a chat with the reconstruction nurse last week who told me I’ve every right to consider other options, I have to live with how I look and feel which has had a huge impact on me. I think the longer you have to wait makes the impact worse. So don’t feel guilty, if you’re being offered help do it as it’s about what helps you find your new normal. 

Sending you my best wishes xx