anxious and grumpy

I have found quite a large lump. Got a GP appointment for early next week but I’m struggling to remain calm. I know it is likely to be a few weeks until I get any answers. I haven’t told my husband yet. I know how stressful worry is and I’m hoping to keep it to myself as there is nothing to deal with at the moment. But I am grumpy as I’m not sleeping well. How did others decide whether to share information or not at this stage? Any advice?

Hi Bloom

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.

While you are waiting for replies may I suggest that you give our free helpline a ring on 0808 800 6000 and have a confidential chat with one of the staff who are here to support you, lines are open to Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00

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I know exactly how you feel, i’m in the same position, have a large lump in my right breast, not sure if it moves slightly or if it’s just my imagination, i found it 3 weeks ago and as it was just before my period, was told by my GP to come back after if it hasn’t disappeared. It didn’t so i now have a new appointment with my GP next week, it’s hard to sleep or concentrate on anything as i’m sure you understand, and every ache and pain we get we think the worst? I obviously think it’s something bas as i’m 42, and even though you;re told you;re low risk, it doesn’t make you feel any better! :frowning: I did tell my son whose 23 and my close friend as i felt i had to tell somebody, i also called the Helpline on this site who were great and did put me at ease for a while but there is nothing anyone can tell you that will make you feel better until we know what it is. I’m sure your husband would be a great support if you told him, but it obviously depends how you feel.

I hope you get some good news, good luck :slight_smile: x

Hi I was refered last week to breast clininc as have a large mass on left breast I’m still waiting for an appointment and it truly is the worst time waiting!! I told me partner as asked him to check it for me incase I was going insane as i have implants!!and he confirmed he could feel it too…I have told my mum and few close friends and my boss as I will need time of work for investigations!!! I feel a lifted feeling just by being on this site and chatting with ladies in the same boat…ihave 3younchildren and I truly believe then sense something’s going on seven though I’m trying my hardest not to show… Take care x

Thanks Cazzer and Emz really appreciate your thoughts. Will see how it goes. the waiting really is tricky. Luckily I have a great GP and I know I’ll be well supported by all whatever. Just need to sleep properly. It is very odd how some moments fine and others really feel stressed. I’m hoping for straight referral but with what you said cazzer I might have to wait till after next period. Damn those hormones!

I know how you feel, i sense something is wrong but i think maybe every woman feels that when they find a lump, as ever since i’ve noticed aches and pains, and feeling generally under the weather but i think lack of sleep and stress over worrying about it doesn’t help and your mind does play terrible tricks on you.:frowning: This site does help a lot as when you read how upbeat some of these women are even the ones that have been diagnosed, it makes you feel if they can cope then you should be, although inside i can’t help but feel that i am on borrowed time even though i know it’s silly to feel this way. I think i’ve prodded my lump around so much now i’ve made it sore which is just silly!:frowning: I’m sure you have done exactly the same, hoping and praying that it has shrunk or will disappear, when you have children you only worry for them as i know i do:(
Anyhow stay positive and i will try too myself, hopefully we will both be posting good news on here very soon :slight_smile:
Take Care :slight_smile: x

Thanks Cazzer. Hope you get appointment date soon. Feeling a bit better today, slept well last night but like you I kind of can’t stop checking its still there but it very much is. Hope you have a good weekend. You too Emz. Think we are at the same waiting stage…x

I was at the GP last week and luckily they just refer you to the clinic so just waiting for that now. been busy and that helps enormously, its not my very first thought at the moment, just need to continue with that. Hoping everyone else is doing ok.


When I found my lump, I kept it to myself for 5 weeks in the hope that it might ‘disappear’. But i knew it had to be examined so I told my husband and went to the doctor. She agreed with me and thought it would turn out to be nothing, as it moved and didn’t seem to be ‘tethered’, but referred me anyway. My appointment was one week later and I had the triple test. While the doctor was doing the scan and biopsy, she saw a lymph node she didn’t like the look of and did a biopsy of that too. As soon as ‘lymph node’ was mentioned, I knew I had breast cancer and told my husband. One week later, I had the results that confirmed my dx. I waited from the beginning of November until December 12th for my surgery, but surgeon and BCN didn’t seem too concerned and said there was no hurry as tumours usually don’t grow as quickly as we thing they do. So I can understand how you all feel.
Bloom, you say you have a good GP, would he/she give you a mild sedative to help you keep calmer and perhaps get some sleep until your appointment and results?

Sending good wishes

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Bloom I’ve told everyone as I’m vocal with everything. Im glad really but some people I think already are put out that I’m not putting them first to help me crazy as it sounds its stressful with your friends sometimes lolol good luck with everything hun. Thinking of you x