Anxious , pain 2 years after breast surgery 18 months after treatment

Hi there, I haven’t been on for a while, but hoping for some feedback. Two years ago next Feb i had surgery for BC however 15 months after finishing treatment (chemo &radiotherapy ) I’ve been getting this pain and soreness around scare tissue and terrible itching on my ribcage. Forgot to say I had lymph nodes removed too. Is this normal? I have spoken to my bcn and she has made me an appointment to see the surgeon but why do I feel like I’m being a nuisance asthe pain it comes and goes. My first mammogram after treatment came back clear and my next one is due Feb. The scare tissue on my breast is very lumpy is this normal too? Anyone else had this problem please. Julie

Hi Julie,
It’s good you’re getting it checked out & that’s what your team are there for.
From what I’ve seen on here, some lumpiness with scar tissue is quite usual, I had a WLE & SNB & nearly 2 years post surgery, I still have some lumpiness around the scar.
ann x

Thanks for your reply and yes I just want some reassurance. It’s quite possible it might be a seroma that has crystallised, I’m guessing

Hi Julie


Just found your post as i am having issues at the moment to that are similar to yours.  Did you go and see your nurse?  just wondered what they said it was.


I was diagnosed in Feb 2016 and had my 1st op in March for lumpectomy and then further op in the April for lymph nodes removed and to widen the margins from the first op as they did not take enough tissue, then chemo and radiotherapy which all finished just before Christmas 2016,  now on Tamoxifen.   I have had the usual issues with numbness and aches and pains around the scar tissue but nothing major.  Last month I started getting red and blotchy patches on the skin of my breast and now, for the last week it has been very tender to the touch, so much that i cant lie on my left side, and sharp pains and itchy and also swelling as the day goes on,  phoned my BC nurse about the redness and they have brought my appointment forward, wasnt until August but now going on the 9th February.  Just a bit worried that something may not be right.


Hope you got sorted.  


Julie x