Anxious pre lumpectompy/lymph removal


Tomorrow I am having a lumpectomy and lymph clearance.

It’s been tough with covid, I was 2 chemos in when shutdown happened and being single I was suddenly very alone but with some amazing social distance support and an amazing NHS network, 4 more chemos happened and my tumour has gone.

Today however pre surgery I am weepy, restless and feel very resentful about Covid and others around me getting out (I have had to self isolate for 14 days). 

Covid has made an already tough experience even tougher, anyone else had the same thoughts?


Dear LouJP, had a lumpectomy last November…all went very well and home later that evening. Lots of luck and big hugs for tomorrow brave lady.

will be thinking of you Tili ??xx


I just wanted to drop you a note, I just had my lumpectomy/lymph removal done last friday, felt very safe , all the nurses and hospital staff were amazing, was first in at 8, and was out of hospital by 3.30.  Try not to worry, they will keep you safe, good luck with it all. xx