Anxious re Docetaxal

Hi all, I started my chemo in Dec 19 and have just finished 3 lots of EC.  Unfortunately I have been admitted to hospital 3 times, approx 5 to 10 days after treatment with infections.  I had a hickman line initially which caused the first two infections and despite being removed over 3 weeks ago is still causing problems and not healing, I am again on Flucox antibiotics in the vain hope it will clear before Monday.  My question really is, as I’ve had it rough so far, I’m really anxious about Docetaxal as my oncologist says its tougher…has anyone else found it easier than EC ?  My veins are really poor but they wont put anything else in due to the hickman issue so this will make it difficult to switch to weekly paclitaxel ?

Hi Hodo


Sounds like you’ve had a really rough ride so far. I had EC followed by Paclitaxel so I can’t really help you except to say that I found what they warn us about these drugs is rarely the reality. I was told Paclitaxel was ‘much kinder’ and it totally flattened me. I’d rather have had more EC, even though I was admitted with neutropoenic sepsis after the third session. There was no break. 4 days out of hospital, still on antibiotics, and it was back to start Paclitaxel. I was told I was ‘one of the unfortunate few who don’t respond well to chemotherapy.’ Join the gang? It still works, thank god. There’s no predicting how you’ll respond to docetaxel till you try it, from my limited experience. However, one thing I’m sure of, no matter how ill you are, you WILL get through it. It’s (only) 9 more weeks. Count them off if you have the energy. Soon it will be only 5 more weeks and that sounds bearable. You’ll get to the end, possibly flattened, feeling like a zombie but knowing you’re closer to that goal of being completely cancer-free.


Sorry I can’t be of more help. You’re doing amazingly well in the circumstances and, unless your oncologist advises you against the treatment, why stop when you’re halfway through? Being told it’s been successful makes the misery worthwhile (I found). Best wishes, whatever you decide to do,

Jan x