Anxious times

Just had my third year check up following mastectomy, auxiliary clearance and chemotherapy. However, this time the consultant felt a lump on the other side. Had mammogram but can’t get scan til Friday and really not coping with things at the minute, no concentration and keep crying. I know it could be nothing but also that my risk is higher. I’m on tamoxifen. Is it possible for another cancer whilst taking this medication?

Hey welshcake - I don’t have the answers but didn’t want to scoot past your post, without wishing you all the best and I hope all goes well xx

Hi Welshcake,
From what I read here, this certainly does happen, but it mostly turns out ok, but the anxiety is horrible of course.
It’s good you’re on tamox, as this will only reduce any risk.
take care
ann x


Hi Welshcake


Hope you are ok.





Hi Feather and Welshcake,


I’ve just been reading both your posts and I wondered if I can join with you both in a virtual hug. I’m due to have a tummy and pelvic ultra sound tomorrow following some tummy issues and a very uncomfortable vagina. Huuuuuuuug! Previously I would have been chilled about this but after having BC last year it is really hard. I guess our consolation is that if there is a problem they will be right on it.


I too am counting down the hours, my concentration is rubbish and I’m occasionally tearful. So I’m not a lot of good as a support but I’m right there with you.


Love and best wishes, keep on ‘foruming’.



Hi Welshcake I talk to a lady I met on the forum who had exactly the same .Surgeon felt a lump during routine follow up .She was sent for mammogram and had an anxious wait for the results but turned out to be fatty tissue ,hoping you are the same .Friday must seem very long way off.

Hi Gill,it’s horrible isn’t it .Im on a bit of a wobble mentally at the moment so maybe we could have a little anxiety support group .I have had 2 cancers in the last 2 years (one not breast related ) and thought I’d coped ok with it ,but seems to be catching up with me "after the event " as it were,My other cancer was Gynae related so I had the scans etc you are having tomorrow .

Hi Jill,


That must have been really tough, I know what you mean about the trauma catching up with you. While you are waiting for diagnosis and possibly treatment it is as if the whole world is standing still and when it’s over for now, you think, cool I’ll just get back to normal, but of course you can’t you have to adjust to a new normal. Whatever that is. Just give yourself time.


Four person HUUUUUUG!


And Feather… mwahx. Who knew I was so tactile?


So as a community champion are you logging on from home?



Yes Gill,we are just regular forum users who have been asked to support people new to the forum ,point people in the right direction when they post,report inappropriate posts etc.They started it last year ,it means the moderators have some support as it’s a big job spotting people who are new ,people who struggling etc .I had breast cancer June 2015 ,womb cancer March 2017 and now struggling to get back to work as have just had one complication after another and now I think mentally my body has just had enough !!! I guess it gives me plenty of time to support other users on the forum at the moment .

Thanks Janey,not a cat in hells chance of going back at the moment just one thing after another , am keeping self occupied trying to help others keep sane !!!

And doing a great job of it too. Thankyou so much. Gillx



Goodluck for tomorrow. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Gillx

Thank you !!