Anxious wait and help needed

Hello all


I’m new to this so please bear with me  


I was diagnosed with DCIS - Grade 1 plus LCIS High Grade at the end of March after finding a lump, it was confirmed by a mammogram in the breast clinic they found the lobular cancer with ultrasound which was totally unexpected by me. The consultant recommends that I have a mastectomy and says that I can have reconstruction at the same time.  I am going to go for the DIEP route which I know is a bigger operation but I do think thats best for me.  What I am actually struggling with is the waiting time. I have a sentinel lymph node biopsy week after next so more waiting and if that is clear then the mastectomy will happen at the end of May. I’m not sleeping well and when I do drop off I wake early and my mind starts buzzing again.  Is this a normal waiting time?  Then again what is normal in the scheme of things? How do you all cope?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Rosetint xx


Hi, I found this forum really useful when I was diagnosed on 9th March high grade DCIS. The waiting was unbearable and I sympathise. I had some sleeping pills from the doctors, which helped At least it stopped me googling all sorts during the night :slight_smile: I had a masectomy with immediate silicon implant on 20th April, the delay was due to surgeons holiday and Easter. Then there was the wait for the lymphnode checks - another two weeks. Thankfully given the all clear on Thursday.

Sorry, this isn’t about me, just wanted you to know that it is a waiting game, every day seems to feel like a week, I worked up until the day before I went in for my op, my mind was everywhere and I was pretty useless, but it kept me occupied!  Before you know it you will be back home recovering

Time is strange, drags when you dont want it to and flies by when you do - I used my waiting time to plan my ‘mini break’ in hospital (buying pjs etc. which I didn’t need by the way!), downloading books, sorting out dvds, buying wool to crochet a blanket, baking and cooking and freezing meals.Ha ha I was like something possessed…

Its easy to say don’t worry but speak to your GP, I found mine really supportive about my general health ie sleep etc rather than focussing on the op

Take Care and wishing you well  :slight_smile: