Hi Everyone,
this is my 1st time here and after reading some of the post and fantastic support system here i thought id get some feedback on my worries…

two weeks ago i went to doctors with a very painful swollen breast, she put me on antibiotics as she believed i had an infection, slight temperture as well, i was told to go back to see her a week later, i returned last tuesday to be told that the infection seemed to be clearing, but still had lump under my nipple, so to finish the next week of antibiotics and return this week if there was no change in breast.
today i returned to doctors after much naging from my eldest daughter, to be told that my temp with still up a bit and the lump was still there, ive been referrd to breast clinic for further checks, the doctor said that he honestly didnt think it was cancer, but now ive been referred to breast clinic that nagging worry has set in, am i being overly worried do you think?


Hi Alison,
I think its natural to worry. Its that fear of finding a lump and not knowing what it is. Just remember the doctors are being cautious. I did have a cancer diagnosis this year - but alongside that i had quite a few cysts. Perfectly normal and all benign.
I guess what i am trying to say is - it doesnt necessarily mean its anything sinister. Its better to get checked out and your GP is just being diligent. I would rather it that way than them be dismissive if it was me…but thats just me :slight_smile:
Hope all goes well at the hospital. Will keep everything crossed for you that everything turns out fine.

Hi Rae,
thank you for the reply and your positive words, I keep telling myself that it’s ok to worry, but not to obsess! Guses it the not knowing and waiting that’s got me on tender hooks!
Thank you for the finger crossing too, it’s very much appriciated, as everyone at home hasn’t the foggiest what to say to me!
keep well.

Hi alison, I too am waiting to go to the breast clinic, my app is next Thursday, before I went to the docs I really wasn’t worried at all, but since I’ve been referred its all that’s on my mind and I’ve turned into a complete wreck!!
Im sure it’s all normal, and everyone has said to me it’s the not knowing that’s the worst part. When do you have your appointment?
I really hope we both get the results we are hoping for xxx

Hi ya,
I haven’t got my appointment yet, just got referred today, I honestly thought it was just an infection as I’ve been a bit run down and stressed for the past month or so, it seems the two week course of antibiotics had helped with the infection, but the actual lump has remained the same…
I had a scare six years ago, but it all turned out ok then, this time it feels different, so I seem to be panicking more. :frowning:
Good luck for Thursday, ill keep everything crossed for you, let us know how you get on. Xxx

I have just been given my appointment for next Thursday and now I don’t know how I feel! Glad I’ve got appointment date or scared cause i don’t know what the outcome will be… :-/

Awww Alison. Are you going on your own or will you take someone with you?
I know how you feel, and the flip flopping of emotions… at least if you know, either way… you know what you are dealing with. The waiting is the worst…
I really really hope you get good news. Good Luck for next week and keep us posted

Thanks for the kind words and support Rae, I will let you know the outcome, hopefully a good one.
My partner will be coming with me, he feels a bit at a loss as to what to say and do, so I thought him coming with me will help him understand and give me the support…

Alison that’s exactly how I feel. My appointment is next Thursday too, we can stress through this week together xxx Im just an emotional wreck, I think I’ve cried every day this week. But I feel silly for getting myself so worked up when people are going through so much worse. I don’t think I have watched any tv this week, literally been on this site and others reading various posts etc.
hope your ok xxx

Hugs to both of you. Waiting is the hardest part. It may sound mad but I felt much better when I got my diagnosis than I had in the weeks leading up to it. At least then I knew exactly what I was dealing with and could get on with evicting the little critter that was squatting in my boob! The unknown on the other hand has the ability to send you crazy. Just try to keep in mind that 90% of lumps turn out to be non suspicious. Keeping everything crossed this is the case for both of you.
Paula x

Massive hug to you and another for FAye!
I can totally empathise and it’s not silly to feel that way! It’s human nature to feel scared, and this is such a traumatic wait because you always think the worst!
I spent the past 2 weeks crying/panicking and just not able to focus on anything. It consumes everything and it is normal! The thing I found best was to be distracted! plan things everyday to help pass the time, if you get overwhelmedphone the helpline they are beyond fantastic.
Thinking of you xx

Thank you lovely people, hugs appriciated and returned to you all, I’m going between the don’t be stupid Alison it’s all fine and the lumps not there anymore to the oh my god what if its not good news, I’m trying to keep myself distracted, this forum has helped loads and my partner is taking me to France for the weekend which will help keep me busy…
stay well and strong lovely people, your support and positive comments are a huge help and knowing I’m not the only one feeling like this help loads…