Around 6 weeks ago my right breast started to feel swollen and uncomfortable. Then my right arm and shoulder had periodic pain.
About four weeks ago my right breast was painful and I found a lump on the underside of my breast.
I kept hoping it would go away but it didnt.
My dad has had soft tissue sarcoma 3 times and my mums sister died of breast cancer.
I plucked up the courage to go to my GP on Friday and she has made a referral to the breast clinic and told me it would be in 2 weeks.
I got up this morning and think there is a swelling along my right collar bone. I dont know if im imaging this now because Im so worried.
I know the chances of cancer of slim but the waiting even for an appointment is horrible.
Thanks for listening.

Hi Nikki, Yes the chances of it being cancer are slim but that won’t stop you worrying and naturally so, waiting for an appointment is brutally hard, I’ve never known time go so slowly! 

Youve done exactly what we would have urged you to do and that is get to your Gp and that’s all you can do for now, you will be imagining things that probably aren’t there,  that’s totally normal! 


We are always here to listen and support Xx Jo 

Thanks for your reply.
Ive still not heard about my appoontment. How long should I wait before I chase it up


Ive got my appointment for next friday. Xx