Firstly, a big hello to everyone. I’ve been reading the threads for the last couple of days and you are all amazing!!

I have my referral appointment at the breast clinic tomorrow. I had my GP appointment last Monday, and received a letter on Saturday notifying me of a password and user name to book my own appointment - I didn’t realise this was the new procedure and was more than a bit suprised, as my GP had just said that I would get an appointment within 2 weeks!.. I wasn’t expecting to book my own!! When I phoned to do so, and was in the middle of being given an appointment with chose and book, I was then told that I had to ring the clinic direct?!.. I have been having considerable pain in my left breast, and some lumpiness in both.( Upon examination my GP said “yes, you are very lumpy” and given the pain and family history, (my sister was dx with grade 3 bc at 40,) and that I’m 39 I should be referred. I was also a little disturbed after, as my son had an appointment after me, and when the GP appeared from her consulting room she looked a little horrified to see me there with my son as her next patient…hope I was imagining it! I swing from feeling like a fraud, as the pain has now gone, after 2 months of being constant, though the lumps persist, and to being anxious that there is something wrong.

Sorry for the rant. I dont really know why I’m posting this except that I am on my own…my husband is abroad - we are supposed to be joining him in a couple of weeks, ( I have 2 young boys )…and .I feel like I have no one to talk to !

Hi jojo16

Welcome to the forums, I am sure that you will receive lots of support and information from your fellow forum members very soon. You may also find our publication helpful to read, it’s called ‘Referral to a breast clinic’, this can be downloaded from the website via the following link:

Please also feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 if you feel it would help to talk things through with someone in confidence. The line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Jo

Good luck for tomorrow. You are not a fraud and Im glad your GP is being cautious you need to know what is causing this. Let us know how you get on.

Yvonne xx

hi Jo
Hope all goes well for you,
keep in touch,

take care