Any 30yr olds diagnosed?

Hey there. I’m just wondering if there is anyone out there who was diagnosed in their early 30s? I’m feeling a bit low and lonely as I don’t have anyone I can relate to at the moment. I’m just looking for some positive stories to help keep the chin up!

Hi Sam yes i was diagnosed at 32. I eventually found a facebook group for people under 50 and there are so many young women in this forum it helped me to feel less alone and i could see all the worries and questions and answers everyone had, i can give you the name of it if it helps? i also went to a ‘look good feel better course’ with young women attending. its really good to talk and meet up with people too if you can, what area are you from x

HI Sam. I’m 33, was diagnosed a few months back and am coming up to my third round of FEC chemo. Can totally agree it can feel like a lonely time, even with the support of family and friends. That’s why I’ve joined here too, to speak to people of a similar age going through the same as most ladies I’ve encountered have been more erm ‘mature’ lol. I’m going to a look good feel good session next week which I am really looking forward to, it might be worth finding out if there are ones in your area.x


I’m 30 and just got my dx on 26th October…
I know what you mean about low and lonely. Even though I’m surrounded by people and I’m generally sociable, everyone asks how I am and I’m getting fed up that I’m now just telling people I’m fok and dealing with it one day at a time. Not exactly sure what they want to hear! 

Hi, I have just been diagnosed on 30th October and am 34! It was the last thing I expected to hear when I was referred to the breast clinic as GP told me on my first visit (mid sept) it was hormomal and shouldnt be anything to worry about and to wait until I had had my next cycle, went back 5 weeks later as had got a lot worse so was referred to be checked, got told there and then after the mammogram that it was cancer. It’s feel so surreal & you wonder how can this happen?  but each week I have felt better about dealing with it and have been keeping to my routine as much as possible, before chemo interupts that! Starting chemo next thursday. Take care x

Thanks ladies! Whilst it’s not something envisaged for my 30s… it’s reassuring to know I’m not totally alone in this.
Tracy- I have now found a Facebook group too and they have been great support.
I do keep hearing about these Look Good courses… are they worth signing up to then?
Kirsty - I can totally relate! I found the lump on holiday and then within 24 hours of being home… I’m having a mammogram and a biopsy and hearing words that I never imagined I would be hearing at 30 years old. I am also starting chemo next Thursday though! We can compare experiences!!
Nicola - I feel the same!! I just want things to seem ‘normal’ - I hate being seen as a ‘sick person’

I need some light at the end of a very dark tunnel!!

Hi Sam, hope certainly not something we ever expected to hear! I went to the look good feel better course on Tuesday at the Maggie’s centre and was brilliant, lots of free products and shown how to do eyebrows etc.
Oh so we are both Thursday, we can definitely compare experiences then and see how we get on xx

Thank you Kirsty. I don’t have a Maggies near me but I am now booked onto a Look Good Feel Better day in Jan— I’ll be 2 rounds into chemo but hopefully that will still be ok! X

Hi …iam 35 . searching this forum …I thought BC will be after 50 …so I didn’t even thought of doing mamogram and without any family history …I was still in shock y as I am busy with kids need at least for 5 yrs …from now on full of treatment and medications for such a long yrs… I lost my peace and happiness …as my chemo on 12 th Dec .I can’t even sleep

hey! I am 29, just got the diagnosis but is not my first rodeo so I feel fine… Many women in my family had it, including my gran, mom and older sister (diagnosed at the same age). Drop me a message if you need to talk…


i was diagnosed in 2016 aged 33. I have finished treatment now, chemo, surgery and radiotherapy. I struggled with not being able to find anyone my age or in a similar life position to me, single and no children. 

The treatment is tough going yes but i was surprised how quickly i started to recover after chemo finished. I used cold cap and kept most of my hair, it’s definitely hard work but worth it in the long run. 

Hope all of your treatment is goung well so far x

Hey, good to hear from others who are in or have been in a similar situation, glad to hear you recovered well :slight_smile: Did you have neo adjuvent chemo before surgery? I and 1 week into my 2nd FEC and so far so good, although it doesnt feel like it is doing much to my monster tumour, but just hoping that inside something is in fact happening so I will be patient. Hope all you others are keeping well on treatment so far x

Hi bandax, you are the same as me i was diagnosed in 2016 aged 32 had 2 ops chemo then radio and I have recovered quite quickly. I have a 7 year old boy and have found out I’m pregnant with my second now. I hope you have had a lot of family support xx

Hi ladies glad to have come
Across some young women posts! I was diagnosed last summer at 37. Ive just had my 4th chemo (first herceptin treatment) i too am finding it hard to not have people To talk to it about. I had thought about hoingto one of the events but have t seen any near me that i could

Hi Oxford 01 there’s normally 4-5 events a year so more should be added on throughout the year. I travelled 3 hours and it was worth it. Also try the Facebook group younger breast cancer network UK private message them and ask to be added to the private group. You will find so much support there xx

Hi oxford01, yes, join thrme secret Facebook group young breast cancer network page, it is a great place for support from other young women! I joined after diagnosis. I am also thinking of going to the young women together event in Edinburgh in March xx

Hi everyone,
I have just been diagnosed with IDC at the age of 29 (30 in July). I had non-hodgkin lymphoma when I was 8yrs old and although I have that under my belt, I can honestly say that nothing really prepared you for these type of news.
I just had my biopsy and I am
going for my MRI and mammogram today. Next week I have my CT and bone scan.
I guess I just wanted to speak to people who are going theough the same thing as everyone said, being surrounded by loved ones doesn’t prevent us from feeling lonely.

I hope everyone continues to fight and we can all get through this. xxx

Hi I am Pranita, Just diagnosd with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, waiting for stage , am 33 , single from hounslow. Am very scared, am waiting for treatment plan, 28mm lump.

I am 36 years old. I have a 5cm cancer mass in my right breast. I am a stage 2. And it looks like no nodes are involved.  I am getting both breast and nipples taken. And some years down the road I will have to get my ovaries taken because my cancer is estrogen  fed. Doctors say I don’t have to have both breast removed but I want to. That way I don’t have to worry about it coming back. Most insurance  will cover reconstruction. Unless it’s government founded like Medicare and Obama care. They are exempt from what I hear.