Any advice on boosting white count

Hi all

I had my last chemo of Carboplatin yesterday and my white count is very low 0 I think my onc said. I am due an op in 4 weeks time to remove tumours under my arm which have shrunk during chemo but I am concerned that they won’t go ahead with it if my white count low.

I am not a great one for supplements and wouldn’t want to take anything whilst chemo still taking effect but would be grateful for any advice. Might help my energy levels too :0)

Anne xx

Hi, when mine dropped, a nurse told me to eat pate !!!Sounds a bit weird but as I love it, I obliged ! x

Now that sounds good to me going shopping later so will def treat myself. Not often you get advised to have something you like. Pate on toast - yum.

Thanks Debonair7 x

A friend of mine who sadly has had cancer twice and needed chemotherapy on both occassions swears by Life Mel Honey as she used it throughout and never missed a chemo session. I have bought a jar - will try anything. It is quite expensive at £37 for a small jar but it lasts a month. Just got to keep my partner from spreading it thickly on his toast! ( for list of stockists or order on line)

I also have an injection the day after chemo - Pegfilgrastin (Neulasta)to help keep white blood cell up, but I’m not sure if its available in all health authorities - ask your doctor.

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Two weeks ago my WBC count was .1 which was too low to have my Portocath fitted so they put me on antibiotics and a five day course of blood boosting injections which boosted by WBC up to 8.

I have a blood boosting injection now after each Chemo. It is just one injection as opposed to five in a row and I had it 24 hours after my chemo on Friday.

I am with Mount Vernon Hospital near Richmansworth and the Lister Hospital in Steveange. Both hospitals arranged for me to have the injections at home given to me by a district nurse.

Hope this helps.


I spoke to nurse about the injection yesterday as with my last chemo fec/tax I gave myself and injection in the tummy second day after chemo. The nurse said it was not suitable to use with the chemo I am on at the moment.

Having a frustrating time at the mo as my onc is on maternity leave and I have seen 4 oncs in last while and not one has got to know me. The onc I have seen the last twice cannot understand me (Scottish accent) and I cannot understand him so very difficult. Nothing against the doctor but I have asked for change of onc as need one I can talk to. The onc also said that he would not scan me till after op had healed about another two months!! I really expected a scan soon after treatment but each onc seems to say differently. Sorry this is turning into a rant was just very down when I came home yesterday and expected to feel good as last chemo!

Thanks for your advise, you would think they could do something so I can have my op. On the positive side I am seeing breast consultant on Friday so will ask his advise and make a note of your suggestions.

Honey on toast & pate on toast - now I’m liking that!!

Thank you big help.

Anne xx

Yum yum - I’m going on the pate treatment too!!!

My blood counts dropped steadily and after my 3rd chemo I thought I was a risk of going neutropenic. so before my 4th treatment I started juicing. When I had my 8th chemo my bloods were better than before my chemo started. I regularly had the ‘ultimate health boost’ from one of Jason Vales’ books - pineapple, apple, celery (i think), spinach, watercress, parsley, ginger all juiced and then blended with ice and advacado. Who knows? Something worked
L x

Weight bearing exercise is considered to promote white blood cell production, though it hasn’t been proven. A good walk, if you have the energy,is a good way of achieving this. Keeps the dog (or somebody’s dog) fit too!

Lee x


I have been thinking of getting a juicer and it certainly seems to work for some people. Due to fatigue I am certainly not eating the amount of veg and fruit I usually do so worth a try. I read about excercise as well and managed a walk yesterday which made me feel better - dog was pleased as well. Will try and keep it up even if small stroll every day.

Thanks Anne xx


I read somewhere - if you take 1 spoonful a day of Manuka Honey 15+ (available from Sainsburys, Waitross and Holland & Barrett) this can help to boost your blood count.

I have been taking this for the last two months and on my 2nd chemo my bloods count results was better than my first!

It worth a try, prices start from £11.50 a jar.

Amanda xx


V8 vegetable juice, manuka honey and ginger & lime tea (also good for its properties in fighting ovarian cancer), pineapple juice and Lucozade (especially the first few days after chemo). As others have said walking - keeping moving when I feel well enough post chemo I am sure has helped keep my white cells up. I made the decision not to have any alcohol after my diagnosis and increased the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat and have not had any problems with low white count - chemo no. 5 is next Thursday

Leigh x


Well seeing all the recommendations for boosting white cell count I will try them all.

You will see my post where I had five injections to boost my white cell count for my Port fitting.

I had my chemo last Friday and a one off 6mg blood boosting injection and guess what, this £650 injection didn’t work!!! I ended up in hospital last night (a week after my chemo) and they found my White cell count was not as low as before (point 1) but 1.4!!

They made me wear a face mask to protect me from them incase any of them had infections and I was told if I go out to Tescos for example to wear the mask! My husband will do the shopping and I’ll stay at home on my exercise bike eating Honey sandwiches and drinking V8 Vegetable juice.

Thanks everyone.



As someone else has already mentioned - manuka honey.

I was recommended it by the nurse at Christies when I had my first chemo 18 months ago. I took it every day and had no problems at all. It is supposed to boost your body’s immunity and they use it at Christies for other cancers e.g throat cancer. Still taking it now and haven’t had so much as a cold in the last 18 months. Maybe co-incidence but I swear by it.

You can buy it from Asda, Morrisons etc and it costs about £10 for a jar. It’s in different strengths but that from the supermarkets is 10+. You can stronger versions from Holland and Barrett which is more expensive. A good investment I think.

Mal x

Hi girls

Thanks for all wonderful suggestions - going shopping at the weekend to try and get my count up for this op. Will let you know how it goes.

Lots of love to you all Anne xx