Any advice re Taxotere?

Hiya I am due to start this in March - 6 treatments. Went to a support group other night and heard horror stories about it. Many saying its a lot worse than FEC for example.

They all seemed to say they got infections in eyes,ears,nose, mouth, back passage, front passage etc…

In a nutshell they said it attacks any open areas. They also got nosebleeds.

Just curious as to how anybody else is finding/has found this type of chemo and any tips on how to get thru it with minimal effects!

I am entering the race for life which is in June so it will be midway thru chemo and hope this isnt going to hinder it.x

Hi signet, yes they are some of the side effects but i must say not everone gets all of them. I had 3 tax in sept/oct and found it better than the fec. I had aches and pains, constipation etc but were all controlled by the doctor. Wasn’t half as bad as i was expecting.

I came on to tell you i started a thread back then called ‘advice on taxotere’ i think it was. I think it is still going and has loads and loads of advice on it for you. Hopefully others on here going through the same now will get in touch with you soon.
Take care, luv Pauline xxx

Hope the link works :slight_smile: it should take you to the thread started by hollymeg. I found it very helpful and if you do a search of the forums you’ll find loads of advice, it’s not as scary as your “support group” has made out.

All the best


Thanks Pauline I will hunt it out and print it off lol xx

Heard bout aches and pains too. At least it helps to be prepared cos I wasnt for FEC so this time i intend to be forearmed and forewarned!!!

Glad it wasnt too bad for you and fingers crossed x

Hi signet and welcome to the BCC forums.

I have posted the link to our taxotere publication below which you may find helpful to read, also, don’t hesitate to call our helpline for further information and support, it’s open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

Hey Signet

I’ve had 4 FEC & 3 Tax so far at St John’s (did I read on another forum that’s where you’re treated?) excuse my chemo brain if it’s not!!

I only have one more tax to go! WOOHOO!!

I can honestly say that for me Tax has been 100% easier than FEC!
I had some bits & pieces planned for the week following my first tax & had heard horror stories about bone pain etc & was really freaked out by it. I didn’t see the point in suffering if I didn’t have to (chemo nurses had told me about pain killers they can give you if 1st cycle painful!) so I asked my onc for the painkillers from the 1st cycle rather than waiting to see how I got on. She was fantastic & didn’t hesitate to prescribe gabipentin (sp?) for me…and it did do it’s job well…forgot to take it one evening & had a lot of lower back pain which eased up as soon as I remembered to take the meds!!

In general my se’s after tax are -

Tax on Thursday…fine Friday, sleep most of the weekend, frequent naps on Monday, fine on Tuesday daytime, mad temperature & palpatations (I think this is Neulasta working) Tuesday night which I can sleep off (obv phone onc if temp too high) & by Wednesday morning I’m fine again.

I have had a few sinus infections on chemo, which I’ve always been prone to, but I had one each cycle on FEC & only once with Tax.

Again, with the nose bleeds…I do get a little blood on a tissue when I blow my nose for a few days, but nothing more than that.

What I would say is everyone is different & try not to focus on all the negatives you’ll hear. For me FEC was doable, but I don’t cope well with nausea & I had that from a couple of hours after chemo until around day 11, with TAX there is no nausea at all.
With FEC I could still do everything I usually could (even decorated the whole house!), with TAX I’m wiped out physically & have to sleep for a couple of days. It just depends on the individual & how your body copes with the various ‘challenges’ chemo throws at you!

Good Luck with your treatment

Hazel xx

Whereas I found Tax much worse than FEC-we are all different.I think the important thing is to remember that the se’s pass.

thanks everyone for your replies. I think i was so ill before xmas with FEC and honestly cant imagine being any lower so will prob be ok xxxx

fingers crossed!!!

hello Signet, I had 6 xTax in 2008 (had previously had 6 x FEC in 2004) and I think that the two were really different. the FEC made me sick, which the tax did not and this was definately a plus for me. Had some pain in my back but like Hayz said, as long as i learned how to keep on top of it it was ok after the first round.
Good luck

hi - does anyone else have a real big issue with thrush on Tax ? I think it is the dexamethasone that causes it but here I am on day 15 and still loaded (and I mean loaded) with thrush - using Fluconozole (spelling) and nystatin both and yet my tongue is still swollen and it is still painful to swallow solids (was really bad Tues-Fri last week) also have diflam

I will mention to the onc on Monday next when we do this again but I just wonder if anyone else has the issue ? indeed any tips !

agree the first few days of Tax v tired and my strategy for the next 3 sessions is simply to go to bed and sleep it off

Keep cheery xxx

Recs, I didn’t get thrush but a very sore mouth and tongue and had fluconazole for first 14 days of each cycle of TAX and difflam. I also had enlarged taste glands on tongue. Are you having GCSF injections???

Agreed, sleep when you are tired. Strange you say the first 3 days, with me I was fine until day 5 and then could sleep for a week after that!

Keep going … it will soon be a distant memory

Jayney yes I am getting the injection (at least there is an injection into my tummy 24 hours after Tax) also taste buds look huge !