Any alternatives to taxanes?

Hi lovelies
Was due to have four rounds of EC for my hormone positive HR negative breast cancer. however on last round I had a reaction to the epirubicin and they had to stop it early. Have had a nightmare chemo journey with 3 infections, 5 hospitalisations and 1 cardiac problem… oncologist has said if I react in any way to Abraxane then he is pulling any more chemo and straight into radiotherapy and endocrine therapy. I am Grqde 2b with 2 positive nodes. I had too much EC first time round so hoping this goes somewhat towards four rounds…

However I have Hashimotos Disease (thyroid) and already struggle with nerve problems so a taxane treatment is worrying me. Anyone know of ANY chemo alternatives? I’ve had all I can of Anthracyclines now so no more of those but anything else? Capbecitine?

All help gratefully received x

Dear @newbie1 , I asked the same question of my oncologist re Paclitaxol as I wasnt prepared to risk peripheral neuropathy (I already have type 1 diabetes, am a musician so need my hands, and love walking). I was told there was nothing so I decided to go without having previously had 4 EC. As a result of refusing the taxane I was denied Phesgo prior to surgery, and was also denied Kadcyla after surgery. I am still happy with my decision but everyones circumstances are different. No-one knows your body better than you do and I hope you can agree a treatment plan that you feel comfortable with. Sending love from Tulip x