Any body in the Flintshire area

Hi I finished chemo and radiotherapy mid May, now taking hormone tablet for 5 years. 61years of age any one out there wanting to chat about how they are doing.

Hi Rio

Whilst you await replies please feel free to call our helpliners as they will be able to tell you whether there are any support groups in your area, the following link will also take you to further support ideas from BCC:

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Take care


Hi Rio I have just noticed your post, I live in Flintshire area and not long had breast surgery, currently waiting for radiotherapy but appear to be waiting longer than expected. I’m taking tabs for next 5 years and having good & bad days although don’t understand why the down days. Where did you have your treatment and how long did you wait ?

Hi Rio and Lady in Red
I’m in Conwy, there don’t seem to be many from N Wales on here, I was dx Sept 2011, finished Chemo in Feb, Rads in March, and Herceptin in Oct. I’m on tamoxifen for the 5 years too, but stopped taking them on boxing day in readiness for reconstruction on Jan 23rd. The reconstruction date came through scarily quickly I wasn’t expecting it until at least April or May, I’m nervous and excited
I had my Chemo and rads in Glan Clwyd

Hi Lady in Red,
Sorry but have not been looking latley, I had chemo at glan clwyd from dec 2012 finished begin of April had to wait until 2nd week of May for rads.
Hope you have had dates through.

Hi Gill13
I had treatment at Glad Clwyd Chemo from Dec 2012 then Rads from 2nd week of May I only had lump removed although stage 3 and 3 out of 4 glands effected feeling positive through out. I am back in work working two six and a quarter hour days a week in retail. I think I am getting used to being back in work although I really ache for hours after each shift I work TUE and THUR.
Hope all goes well with reconstruction GOOD LUCK what hospital are you having reconstruction done.

Hi Rio
it’s good to get back to work and try and get a bit of normality back into your life, I’ve been back since just after Easter, starting off with phased return which I stayed on until September, I’m now back to working my full 4 days a week, I do find life tiring, as I work in Bangor so a bit of a trek each day, but my work is office based so not physically demanding, but after a day constantly on the phone it can be draining.
My recon, will be done in Whiston, I had my pre op assessment on tuesday, but I rec’d a call today putting Op off for a week, so it will now be 30th Jan, I don’t mind really, after my week in hospital, we’ll only have a couple of days of school then it will be half term so we’ll be able to chill out and not have to worry about school at all
I had my mx in Llandudno, but thought the staff in Glan Clwyd were great.

Hi Gill13
I had my op in LLANDUDNO, thought the hospital and staff were very friendly and helpful, I have to go for a bone density scan there tomorrow, i’ve been told it is at the back of the hospital. Hope i find it ok.

Hi Rio
hope your bone scan went ok today and you managed to find the dept ok, I had one after my mx, but had to go to Bangor, I just assumed that was where they did them, Llandudno would have been much easier. I seem to have been to all the local hospitals for various appointment.
After my recon, I may be transferred to Landudno for a couple days before they let me go home, when I had my mx, there was only 2 of us there and we were really well looked after, so I wouldn’t mind going there for a bit

Hi Gill13
My density scan went well found the place in the end did not use main car park but it was near enough, the person doing thr scan told me I have lovely strong bones and may not need vitamin supplement to discuss it with my Dr. I am going on a cruise with hubby on the 21 Jan for 35 nights to the caribbean with SAGA we booked the cruise before I was diagnosed so we are really looking forward to it as it is our first cruise. Will have to see Dr on return. Will be thinking of you on the 30 Jan

Hi Jan
Great news about your scan, and good they told you straight away. The waiting for results is quite nerve racking. You’ll really be able to enjoy your cruise now, and what a fab way to draw a line under last year. I’d like to book something, but am reluctant as will be going back for further surgery to match good side to recon, that could be approx 6 months after recon. I’ll just see how things go.
Did you ever go to any of the BCC events organised in the area?

Hi Gill 13
I never went to any BCC events some were on the days I worked so unable to go.
I hope they have not changed the date again for your recon.op, you will have to look through a few hols. brochures and think about where you would like to go, so that you can book it as soon as you feel well enough to go.
We have to wait another day before we go on our cruise as the ship has hit bad weather and is traveling slowly in 8/9 gale force winds, I hope the weather is better for us.
Once again good Luck for your recon. op

Hi Gill & Rio sorry not been on here for sometime, finally had radiotherapy at Glan Clwyd and finished last week. I’ve never been so tired how long does this last, as I’m falling asleep all the time. I’ve just noticed your on a cruise hope it went well, a holiday is just what I need. I’m waiting to go back to work on phased return soon. Hope everything going well for you both x

Hi Lady in Red
Got back from criuse yesterday had a really fantastic time first cruise so was nervous but everything was fine, the food was lovely so now have to try and loose the weight i put on over the last 5 weeks. I also have to get used to the drop in weather temperture.
managed to catch a cough most of the passangers we in the same state, it was a small ship 700 plus crew, not like the larger ships which have around 4,000 people on board, did dock next to a few which really made our ship look very small, they were surprised our ship managed to cross the Atlantic, what a cheek.
I was very tired and felt cold all the time, I started a phase return a month after rads not really doing any work but getting back in to some sort of rutine, they were very good with me I could go for a drink and rest when ever I needed too. It took 3 months before I was able to do the job I used to do on my own, not sure if being 61 took me longer than a younger person.
Hope you are beginning to have a bit more go in you now.

Hi Gill13
I hope everything went ok with your reconstruction op, and that you are managing ok. I expect it will take a lot of getting used to, and more medication as well.
I have returned from a fantastic 5 week cruise, with a cough and a lot of extra weight which I now have to try and get rid of both.
Also having to get used to much colder weather, was hoping it would be much warmer than it is, I’m not in work until next week so have got time to adjust.
I really hope you are ok and on the up.

Hi Rio & Gill 13, hope you are both well, i returned back to work on phased return now back full time, still get tired but not as bad. I’m not sure what is going on inside my body but everything was grand until 6 weeks ago then I started to get pain in the same breast, swollen and I can feel two lumps, I’m trying to think positive that they may be cyst. Have you experienced any recurrence or cyst etc. Take care both of you x