any contact lens wearers?

Hi All

I am on zoladex, femara and zometa lately I have found my contact lens have become uncomfortable to wear. I have worn lenses for 30 years and have never had any problems before. My eyes start to feel tired and sore a short time after I put them in. Have read all the contraindications on the various treatments but havent seen anything that says may cause these kind of problems. My vision is not affected either for better or worse. I am still blind as a bat without my contacts.

Any one else experiencing problems with lenses?

Julie X


I have been wearing lenses for 22 years with no probs. get a new pair about every 5 years (gas permeables).

When I last saw the optician, after being on zoladex and tamoxifen for 15 months, my 1 year old lenses were scratched to pieces and had to be replaced. My optician thinks its to do with the Tamoxifen affecting the tears.

No probs other than that though

only been on tamoxifen for just over 2 months and so far no probs with contact lenses - have worn them since I was 19 - now 51 ! my current ones are about 2 yrs old and gas permeable hard lenses - will be seeing optician in a couple of months so will see what they say about their condition.

I have worn daily disposable contact lenses for about 12 years. diagnosed with BC 8 years ago, secondaries about 13 months ago. Had about 5 lots of chemo over the years and been on continous chemo for last year and had no real problems with contacts. Saying that am having a check next week as I think my eye-sight is slightly worse. Hope you manage to get something sorted.

I’ve been wearing them since my teens and I’m now 50. I never had a problem until after chemo…It’s been one infection after another!

I have had to stop wearing contacts since being on taxol and then capecitebine (had worn them for 35+ years with hardly any difficulty). Evidently the drugs seem to have affected my tear production and I no longer produce enough to keep the surface of the lens wet and cleansed. So am back to wearing glasses - which I loathe!


thanks ladies

I think I will mention this to my optician next time I go, I wondered whether my eyes were drying up along with everything else!

I am with you Kay I really dont want to go back to wearing glasses with my prescription even thinner lenses are like bottle ends

Regards to all

Julie x

I have recently changed my lenses to silicon ones.
I was suffering with dry eyes and only able to wear my lenses for a couple of hours.
(All down to chemo),
The ones I have are monthly disposable lenses.
They have made a huge difference.