Any dog lovers? How is your best friend helping you?

Hi all have been thinking recently alongside with making tough decisions about my therapies to get a dog. I live only with my husband but I have more love in my heart to share. I am thinking of getting a small dog so I can manage with taking it out for a walk and will be motivated to do it. What are your thoughts about that are you managing with your pets?

Hi Avrelia. Snap! I’m also thinking of getting a small dog for very similar reasons. Big decision really but it feels right. I have two cats ( no hubby) and I truly believe they made a difference to me, as regards comfort and calm through the nightmare. Before BC, I worked long hours and commuted into a city  M to F. New perspective on life now and one good thing has been I am now predominantly able to ‘work from home’ and enjoy fresh air and greenery, instead of traffic and pollution! 

What breed are you thinking of? Really interested in your thoughts. I would prefer a rescue dog; a wee old soul in need of a nice home. Thanks for posting. X