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hi,i finnished my first stage of chemo on tuesday (epirubicin injection) i start my next stage on the 12thfeb,capecitabine tablets i was wondering does it get easier .i have found that a few days after chemo and g-sf injection i just feel real down and sick and cant sleep.any advice

HI dotmac,
I too had Epi/Xeloda (accelerated) and i definately found the tablets a lot easier than the Epi, in fact the only side effect i had was heartburn and tiredness but nothing compared to the horrible Epi.Most people find capeditabine an easier chemo to tolerate, i was on 8 tabs a day and realy was able to carry on like normal mostly. It was definately a walk in the park after Epi. You have to take the tablets within 30 mins of a meal this helps with any neausea ( i never needed any anti sickness meds)and sometimes another side effect is hand and foot syndrone though all i used was E45 cream and never had any problems just a bit of dryness.Im sure youll be fine , i too was worried about starting the tabs but i neednt have been . My hair also started growing back quite quickly whilst on the tabs too. I finished chemo about 3 weeks ago so just about to start Rads/Tomoxifin. Try not to worry im sure youll be fine with them.
Good Luck and all the best
Lindiloo x